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DAY 1, June 2nd
* Plenary Sessionú║
Outlook, Opportunities and Challenges
* Concurrent One-to-One Meetings
* Plenary Sessionú║
Mining Projects Showcase
* Concurrent One-to-One Meetings
* Track B:
Mining Projects Showcase
* Concurrent One-to-One Meetings
DAY 2, June 3rd
* Plenary Sessionú║
Financing & Investment, M&A and Risk Management
* Concurrent One-to-One Meetings
* Plenary Sessionú║
Mining Commodities Analysis & Investment
* Concurrent One-to-One Meetings

Why Sponsors

Asia Mining Partnering Forum is a most influential flagship forum for mining industry in China and Asia. From 2006 to 2009, Asia Mining Forum have attracted more than 1,000 delegates from 250 companies and 22 countries, providing a wonderful platform for global mining & metals insiders to establish contacts, exchange ideas and forge partnerships. This annual Forum focused on Asia's mining & metals industry has been well received and acclaimed by global participants.
Diversified tailor-made sponsorship packages will help your company to stand out from the crowd and to maximize the ROI.

Drive Your Global Sales and Marketing at AMPF2011!
Your business is about much more than just knocking on doors. Your marketing strategy is much more than a lead generator. To generate sales, you need brand credibility and a genuine leadership position. To generate awareness and response, you need targeted, decision-maker focused, geographically effective marketing. To generate profits, you need marketing service of AMPF2011. By being the sponsor of AMPF2011, you can easily deliver ideas and methodologies from your perspective and gain direct access to your potential clients and decision makers. AMPF2011 offers a number of sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities you can choose from to meet your goals before, during and after the event. If you would like to stand out from your competitors and outpace regional competition, you might leverage on highly targeted marketing, and we could roll out the tailor-made sponsorship package for you with the services you require.

With one cost-effective investment, the Sponsorship packages with provide you with
  • Put your CEO on a platform with your top prospects
  • Build your brand with the decision-makers
  • Give you the best global coverage of any marketing channel
  • Target your message to your precise audience
  • An unparalleled platform to network and do business with industry colleagues
  • The ability to capture new prospects whilst enhancing your corporate profile to existing clients
  • The opportunity to increase your brand recognition in the region with a decision- making audience
  • We bring customers to you!

This is your best sales and marketing opportunity of the year.
Benefits of sponsorship include:
  • Enjoy WORLDWIDE PUBLICITY with our global advertising promotion
  • Obtain DIRECT ACCESS to potential clients during and after the event
  • Receive KEY SPEAKING POSITIONS to address an audience of top executives and potential clients
  • Distribute PERMANENT REMINDERS of your products or services at the forum

Marketing Opportunities
AMPF2011 implements a strategic marketing campaign that guarantees attendance quality. This campaign will ensure that all pertinent professionals and executives within the world's mining industry are informed of the event, its speakers and of its sponsors.
Our team has the knowledge and understanding to develop and implement integrated and comprehensive marketing campaigns designed to identify and deliver all elements of the value chain. Highly flexible and dynamic combinations of marketing opportunities exist to enhance your organization's reputation, profile and awareness amongst your target markets.

Effective channels to promote AMPF2011:
Advertisements in mining and metal publications – We are working closely with industry publications and media partners, advertising and editorial campaigns will be strategically positioned throughout the campaigns for maximum impact.
Government agencies and Industry associations - We will work closely with relevant organizations to publicize this event.
Internet marketing – AMPF2011 website will be continually updated and open for online registration and partnering. Links to key industry sites will generate traffic onto our site. We invite you to link your website to ours for a more comprehensive reach. Forum updates will be emailed to a select group of clients when necessary.
Direct mail -We will send out periodically separate brochure mailings and branding flyers to corporate users within the industry chain.  China Decision Makers Consultancy has a complete database of the industries we are dealing with, which allows precise targeting of key prospects.
Fax and email marketing campaigns - Printed newsletters and fax / e-mail marketing campaigns will be systematically rolled out to create awareness and drive businesses to the website. Frequency will increase to become weekly and then daily as the event approaches.
Telemarketing - A dedicated team of account managers will contact key target delegates to secure their attendance.
Mining community spreading the word – Linkedin, Twitter, and other networking platforms connected with AMPF2011 event website for event recommendation. Continuous News Report - Pre-, after as well as on-site news report on popular mass media and financial publications to maximized your company exposure

Sponsorship/exhibiting opportunities include: presentation sponsors, exhibition sponsors, luncheon sponsor, cocktail reception sponsor, tea break sponsors, insertions, lanyard sponsor, bag sponsor and more.

For more sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, please contact:  

Ms. Karen Yau, Project Director
Email: kareny@chinadecisionmakers.com  Tel: 86 21 68407631 ext. 8061

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