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DAY 1, June 2nd
* Plenary Sessionú║
Outlook, Opportunities and Challenges
* Concurrent One-to-One Meetings
* Plenary Sessionú║
Mining Projects Showcase
* Concurrent One-to-One Meetings
* Track B:
Mining Projects Showcase
* Concurrent One-to-One Meetings
DAY 2, June 3rd
* Plenary Sessionú║
Financing & Investment, M&A and Risk Management
* Concurrent One-to-One Meetings
* Plenary Sessionú║
Mining Commodities Analysis & Investment
* Concurrent One-to-One Meetings


Mongolian National Mining Association
The Mongolian National Mining Association is a major minerals sector non-governmental organization aiming at securing and advocating the legal rights and interest of its members, supplying them with information, reflecting its members viewpoints and positions in the government policies, and undertaking cooperation with public organizations in Mongolia`s minerals exploration and mining sector. It has over 120 members representing geological exploration companies, gold, coal, ferrous and non-ferrours metal and fluorspar producers, catering service providers, insurance companies, universities, institutes and other scientific and research organizations.

The Mining Advisory Council for Russia
The Mining Advisory Council (the "Council") is a non-commercial entity incorporated in Canada on June 3, 1999.  The mission of the Council is to work with the Government of the Russian Federation to create and maintain an investment climate in Russia that will attract foreign risk capital which is expected to make a major contribution to the development of the country's mining sector.   
The Council acts together as a single, united entity, speaking as one voice for the mining industry in Russia. 
The Council is advancing the interests of member companies by lobbying the legislative and the executive authorities of Russia. 
The Council is the only vehicle whereby member companies network to share practical experiences and information with the objective of minimizing commercial, legal and investment risks in Russia.
The Council coordinates activities with Russian and foreign associations which share similar objectives. 

The ASEAN Federation of Mining Associations
The ASEAN Federation of Mining Associations was officially formed on June 19, 1984 as a result of the efforts, interest and cooperation among the Indonesian Mining Association, the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines, the Malaysian Chamber of Mines and the Mining Industry Council of Thailand, in their desire of advancing the goal of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) It was, however, on February 15, 1985 when the Constitution of AFMA was signed by the Presidents of the four (4) founding members.
The Federation is a private non-stock and non-profit organization with address located in the country of the Secretary-General, until such time as a permanent domicile is decided upon by the General Assembly.

• To foster cooperation and mutual assistance among the members;
• To promote the dissemination and exchange of information on the mineral policies, laws and regulations of member countries;
• To foster research and studies of subjects relevant to the mineral industry;
• To adopt measures to protect the mineral industry in Southeast Asia;
• To hold symposia, conferences, congresses, meetings, workshops and exhibitions, to update members on new or advanced mining techniques and technologies;
• To establish and maintain relations with other international mining bodies; and
• To represent the mineral industry of Southeast Asia in international conferences, congresses, and meetings concerning the mineral industry.

The China International Mining Group (CIMG) is a not-for-profit membership based expert community working towards enhancing the mining and metals community’s contribution to China's economy and society. The CIMG's many initiatives:
• help mining and metal related enterprises work in and with China
• build an understanding of the benefits of our industry to the wider community
• help enterprises in our industry to become sustainable operators
• assist media to write accurate as well as compelling stories about the mining and metals industry
The CIMG's strategic objective is to advocate public policy and operational practice for a world-class industry that is safe, profitable, innovative, environmentally and socially responsible, attuned to community needs and expectations. The CIMG aims to promote sustainable investment and best business practice in our industry by addressing issues of common concern to potential mining investors in and with China by providing channels for dialogue with the relevant authorities and industry organizations.

Qingdao Mining Right Exchange
With the support of the Ministry of Land and Resources P. R. China and the authorization of Qingdao Municipal government, Qingdao Mining Right Exchange is the first international comprehensive mining service agent established in 2003 in China, which engages in providing the service of mining right information release and consultation, mineral products trade, mining capital operation, precious metals exhibition and trade, conference and expo, etc.
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