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DAY 1, June 2nd
* Plenary Session:
Outlook, Opportunities and Challenges
* Concurrent One-to-One Meetings
* Plenary Session
Mining Projects Showcase
* Concurrent One-to-One Meetings
* Track B:
Mining Projects Showcase
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DAY 2, June 3rd
* Plenary Session
Financing & Investment, M&A and Risk Management
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* Plenary Session:
Mining Commodities Analysis & Investment
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Media Partners

Exclusive Industrial Magazine

ChinaEIabbreviation for China Economy and Informatization)is a national A-grade magazine sponsored by CCID. (abbreviation for China Center Information Industry Development Group),which is a thinktank in the field of industry and informatization in China. And it is directly under the charge of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.
ChinaEI is a magazine in the field of industry economy. It focuses on the convergence of industrialization and informatization, on the new economy on the basis of the convergence and the adjustment of Industrial Structure in China, it also pay closed attention on the deep development and interfusion of informatization.
website :http://www.chinaeinet.com/

International Mining Network(www.intlmining.com.cn) is a mineral mining rights trading market in Qingdao to build in the mineral rights, k mineral products, mining equipment trade as the core, full of exclusive mining market information and industry market analysis released aid to the mining industry for the assessment, exploration, auctions, finance, technology, backed by authoritative experts specialized integrated mining sites. Web site has been successfully operating for over two years in the mining sector enjoys a high reputation. Qingdao Mining Right Exchange and the China Mining Association Exchange Association Geological Survey building, the market area of 20,000 square meters, with a long exhibition hall (Booth), in August 2004 formally. This is the first year mineral rights and mineral products market; is the Qingdao Municipal Government International Sourcing Promotion Center designated international mineral display market place; is the trading center inside mineral tenements specified market; is the United Mine Geological Society of fixed base of operations.
website :http://www.intlmining.com.cn/

Interfax China, an arm of the Interfax International Information Group, is the leading source of industry-specific business news in China. As the largest independent news organization in the country, Interfax China offers insightful reporting and in-depth commentary and analysis, putting valuable and unbiased information about China's major industries at its customers' fingertips. Weekly reports focus on the metals and mining, energy, pharmaceutical health and technologies, and IT and telecommunication industries. In addition, Interfax China offers research services that can be tailored to clients' needs.
website: http://www.interfax.cn/

Business Wire, a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, is the global market leader in commercial news distribution. Thousands of member companies and organizations depend on Business Wire to transmit their full-text news releases, regulatory filings, photos and other multimedia content to journalists, financial professionals, investor services, regulatory authorities and the general public worldwide. In fact, Business Wire has the most comprehensive news and disclosure network in the world. We originate hundreds of thousands of news announcements each year, with a dramatic impact on capital and commercial markets around the globe and in virtually every industry sector.
website: http://www.businesswire.com/

Established in the Silicon city of India, Bangalore, and with correspondents around the world theenergyinfo.com has become THE SUPERLATIVE information source of choice for companies involved in the Energy Sector.
theenergyinfo.com provides imperative information beyond the reach of a general researcher for companies looking for business opportunities in projects within the energy industry (i.e. oil, gas, petrochemical, power & water industries).
The unmatched quality with its in-depth understanding of India & GCC Infrastructure also makes theenergyinfo.com as the best source of market intelligence.
also undertakes exclusive consultancy research for customers with a specific information requirement on the Indian Energy sector. Our unrivalled access to key decision makers and our huge database of critical data enables us to prepare detailed reports on any area on this fast-moving and demanding sector.
also delivers first hand general and breaking news, instantly informing our clients minutes after the event has actually taken place. This not only helps our clients to stay ahead of the game but also empowers them to make informed decisions for their business strategies, which we believe will reflect on your business.

website: http://www.theenergyinfo.com/AboutUs.aspx

China Mineral Property Right Exchange Network (www.chinamineral.cn) as a subsidiary website of Qingdao Mining Right Exchange officially put into operation in 2003 is the first domestic mining industry the most complete and most representative of the mining professional website. Qingdao, China Mining Exchange as the first professional international mining services, mining rights trading network for the development of China provides a solid financial foundation. It is known as the Qingdao mine the improvement of cross-national reputation, in 2004, along with the 2005 Fair will be held in Qingdao mine, but also with newspapers, radio, Internet and other media frequently appeared in the mining session, particularly in some of the national mining newspapers, all of the network resource sharing, network interconnection (China Mining News, China Gold News, Review of geological exploration, mining network in China, China Nonferrous Metal Net, etc.), mining rights trading network in China has laid a good foundation .
website :

Global Information, Inc. is an information service company holding offices in 6 countries and have sales agency contracts with over 250 research companies around the world. We sell 30,000 market research reports published by these companies and accept custom-made researches.
website : http://www.the-infoshop.com

Goldletter International is a premier independent gold investment source in Europe, publishing Special Region Reports, with overviews of exploration/development companies and reports on individual companies featured as a Special Situation.
From January 2005 the separate publication Uraniumletter International, thanks to its distinct approach, has become one of the world’s premier sources for investing in the global uranium resource industry.
In September 2010 Goldletter International started covering the rare earth metals industry through Rare Earth Elements Letter International.
website : http://www.goldletterint.com

Founded in 1835, Mining Journal boasts some of the world's top mining journalists and is managed by people who truly understand the industry - mining engineers, geologists and metallurgists. It packs news, in-depth analysis, market trend data, financial information and reports of business development opportunities into one easy-to-read weekly journal.
Website: www.mining-journal.com.

Power and Industry of Russia: Informative edition
The main sections of the newspaper:
Branch news, production, energy, oil, gas, coal, new industrial technologies, supply and sale, exhibitions.
Readership of the newspaper:
-Enterprises generating electrical and heat power and also network and marketing energy enterprises, repairers of the energy sector, - Industrial enterprises, -Governmental authorities referring to the energy engineering (ministries, government agencies, regulatory authorities)
-Research institutes, project, engineering companies
-Visitors of the specialized regional exhibitions, conferences etc.
Newspaper’s subscribers:
Heads of the enterprises, engineering services specialists, leading research institutes etc. 
Website: www.eprussia.ru

GoingToMeet.com is your preferred website for many reasons.
  • It is your most comprehensive, efficient guide to the most relevant, recent global events.
  • It tells you what to expect from an event.
  • It links you to the event's website, thus letting you know how you may participate in it (e.g. speaker, presentor, exhibitor).
  • It features who are going to the same event that you're interested in, and who are speaking in that event. This gives you the opportunity to establish a network with people in the same profession and business.
  • It allows you to express how you want the next event to be, or how you can learn more from it.
  • It invites you to share an event you know or an event you're organizing and helps you promote it.
  • Website:http://www.goingtomeet.com

    A New Era Plc was founded in England and we moved to Singapore in 2010 to start A NEW ERA Pte Ltd .
    A NEW ERA PTE LTD is in the business of biomass,petrochemical,nuclear energy,power plant management and consultancies.
    With the blessings from our China,Taiwan,Indonesia,Brunei,Malaysia,Germany and United Kingdom partners,we are able to run a series of very successful sustainbility ventures to date.
    A NEW ERA Pte Ltd strives on building successful people relationship.
    We are currently working with CDMC on a series of conferences,events based all over
    Please see their website http://www.cdmc.org.cn/
    Our commitment is to provide our clients with the confidence and pride that they are dealing with a truly sustainable company.
    We look forward to your interest in our events.
    Kindly send your enquiry to:
    Company HQ: A NEW ERA PTE LTD

    The ASIA Miner your gateway to Asia, is a bi-monthly, bi-lingual magazine published in English and Chinese by Mining Media International. This magazine provides exposure to companies who would not otherwise look beyond their borders to expand their company's trade to Asia's booming resource sector. The ASIA Miner weekly electronic news service is distributed to more than 11,000 subscribers each week and keeps readers informed of the developments in the Asia Pacific's mining and resources industry. With distribution predominantly in China and Indonesia, Australia and also in Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, India and other locations throughout the Asia Pacific, The ASIA Miner? provides companies with exposure they need to win export trade and attract joint venture partners . Website:http://www.asiaminer.com

    Asia Monitor is internationally recognised as providing essential information for anyone doing business in, or with, Asia.  The publication provides subscribers with systematic political risk assessment, economic forecasts and business analysis for every country across the region.
    Published by Business Monitor International, the emerging market specialists, Asia Monitor is broken down into four sub regional publications, of which any combination can be subscribed to.  The Asia Monitor website www.asia-monitor.com includes ALL the content from the publications, a 24-month archive, and gives the added flexibility of exploring that content by country, topic or keyword.
    Our publications are subscribed to by over 50% of the Global Fortune 500 companies.  Why not take the time to find out why?  Click here to visit www.asia-monitor.com for a FREE trial.
    website :http://www.asia-monitor.com/

    Mining World is one of the most comprehensive, up-to-date dynamic websites for the mining and quarrying industry worldwide. Mining news and company data are updated daily utilising thousands of established media links with mining and mineral companies worldwide providing information relating to the very latest in exploration, technology, production and management changes.
    website :http://www.mqworld.com

    Balkans.com Business News is a Balkan based online business news source providing up-to-date daily news and weekly reviews, market research, financial reports, and database of companies, from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey. The business-only website in English, Serbian and Greek keeps you up-to-date with its comprehensive coverage of the region, in-depth analysis of industries and business opportunities, interviews with business leaders, special reports and a searchable database. The Balkans.com Business News Team gathers a multinational and multi-lingual group of journalists, translators, managers and economists. The timely and objective business news is written by our team of talented and knowledgeable, on-the-ground correspondents throughout the Balkans.
    website : http://www.balkans.com

    C1 Energy is an ICIS service, owned by C1 Energy (Guangzhou) Co Ltd., a joint venture between ICIS and CBI.
    C1 Energy is the first independent and professional oil and gas market reporter and pricing agency established in China, founded in May 2000. C1 Energy is widely acknowledged as one of the best intelligence sources for China's oil and gas markets, both domestically and internationally.
    C1 Energy provides pricing assessements for various energy products and in-depth and industry-leading reports that equip you with unrivalled market intelligence on China's energy markets and enable you to stay ahead of the market. C1 Energy’s services cover Crude Oil/refinery , LPG, Gasoline, Naphtha, Gasoil, Kerosene, Solvent, Base oil, Lubricant, Wax, Fuel oil, Bunker, Bitumen, Petroleum coke, MTBE, Mixed Aromatics, C5, C9, C10, Ethylene Tar, Coal Tar, Shale Oil, Natural gas and coal.
    C1 Energy's products continue to be recognised for first-hand, professional, unbiased and reliable market intelligence. C1’s information and historical data is used extensively by international/domestic oil majors, refiners, traders and broking houses, numerous banks and fund management, as well as international organizations, such as OPEC etc.

    Global Mining Rights Network (www.qqkqw.com) was established in 2007 which is a mining rights trading network platform built by Guangzhou Toption Network Technology Co., Ltd. With the most abundant content, it is also a mining portal site owing the most domestic costumers. By the end of January 2011, there have been 50,000 registered members, and the daily average page view has reached 120,000 times, ranking first in mining sites. From the beginning till now, we have a management philosophy----constantly promote the mining rights investors’ wealth space. We are trying our best to make the most professional, the most real, and the most comprehensive global mining rights information platform.

    Global Mining Resource net is an bi-lingual mineral information releasing platform for mineral enterprises and individuals in the whole world as well as one of the most functional net in China at present.
    Basing on domestic market, serving the whole world are our aims. Always takes customers first and provide considerable services are the reasons of our popularity and rapidly development
    Now, with thousands of enterprises members, we have built a professional team which gained much popularity and developed friendly cooperation relations with many mineral enterprises around the world
    It has six sections and six functions.
    Six sections: Mineral News, ownership transferring, human resource market, policy and regular, mining equipment and geological exploration
    Six functions: News releasing, data retrieving, publicizing, satellite positioning, data downloading, on-line trading. Additional, it also has more than ten channels, sixty sub-columns and several special columns.
    We, by taking advantage of modern technique, learning from others and concentrating on innovation, spear no effort to create our unique product and to build an all-sides, multi-elements e-commerce website
    With scientific analyze and management of all information concerned, Global Mineral Resource net possess the characters of user-friendly interface, simplified operation and diversify form by integrating international elements, multi-functions, and variegated services together. Right now, we are actively preparing its overseas list.
    Our aims: serve you, advance with you, nothing is impossible.
    Our ultimate goals: strengthening our cooperation with mining industry and organizations around the world, and striving for the most effective and excellent services for whom concerned and our members.
    There is no best, but better.

    China's mining equipment nets (http://www.chinamining.com) as a domestic most authoritative mining equipment web portal, has the Chinese mining top-level domain names, for all types of mining equipment related businesses provide a comprehensive range of publicity platform for enterprise to provide vast amounts of industry demand information. Fully utilize the network without boundaries broad extending advantages and let China become a real mining equipment nets for broad mining equipment enterprise new marketing assistant
    website :http://www.chinamining.com/

    我们的5‘E’理念是: Energy 能源  Environment 环境  Efficiency 效率  Economy 效益  E-Business 电子商务
    China Energy Net(China5e.com),established in 2000,is an IT-based information product and services provider specializing in energy. Our mission is to integrated information and consultation services in energy and related industries, and aim to contribute to the harmonious and sustainable development of China’s economy, energy industries and environment. Our goal is to help promote business and marketing opportunities for our clients working in energy- related fields, through the  provision of timely and accurate market information, in-depth analysis, expert research and consulting services.
    China Energy Net’s five philosophies:Energy  Environment  Efficiency  Economy E-Business
    website :http://www.china5e.com

    China Business Event is a comprehensive website, which offers professional service to all business events. Our service includes: most updated business event calendar, biggest Chinese business event database in all different industries. We endeavored to provide total solution to all the business events.

    99QH(www.99qh.com)includes all information of futures in China. Combined with foreign exchange information. 99qh sets the most useful Open-interest Analysis system and the market online analysis system. A large team of experts gather to offer you omnibus information service.

    PEDaily.cn is a leading web portal in the venture capital and private equity industry in China. Integrating the strongest networks and research resources of Zero2IPO Group, PEdaily.cn focuses on sharing timely industry news, abundant data, and in-depth analysis with its users.

    BHI.COM.CN was founded in October 1998, and it is the pioneer website in providing project information in China. The website is administered by Beijing Huaxinjie Investment Consulting CO., LTD., co-founded by Investment Research Institute NDRC, China Engineering Consulting Association and China Construction Enterprises Management Association. The company is a professional organization in field of providing investment and construction information and engineering consulting services with engineering consulting class A qualification.
     BHI has been devoting itself to work as a bridge among investors, equipment supplier, material suppliers and constructing enterprises. The clients can search the information about 1,000 million or above projects in the phase of proposing or constructing in all regions of China. These information includes, notice of tender and tender accepted, annual key project, investment planning project, domestic major construction project, (like projects constructed by the three major petrochemical groups or about coal chemical industry), market analysis, etc. The industries cover chemical, power, mineral and metals, environment protection, municipal construction, real estate, transportation, water conservancy, machinery and electronic, etc.
    During the past 13 years, we have provided all aspects of service support for nearly 81,000 customers.

    China's Mineral Resources Network (www.ChinaMR.net) was established under the guidance of the Ministry of Land and Resources, which is the large-scale comprehensive website mainly engaged in providing information dissemination, exchange platform and the services for mining industry. It is the professional portal of China mining industry. It is the most professional and authoritative website in the field of China mining and it is also an important media for releasing the mining information in China.
    Business Scope: We mainly deal with the mining right transaction, mining consultation, assisting in receiving the exploring right permit and mining right permit, geological exploration, reserves verification, mining right evaluation, education and training, mining bookstore and SD software sales. It is the large-scale comprehensive portal website of mining. By virtue of the super wide coverage of its channels, the development of professional website technology, the network of marketing team and a huge number of visitors, it has distinctive features and extensive influence and appeal among many websites in the mining field.
    Service Aim: Integrity, Professionalism, Personality, and Modernization.
    The Website features are unique, professional, comprehensive and authoritative.
    After so many years of business development, China mineral resources website has attracted a lot of experts, scholars, engineers in technology and management staff from enterprises, institutions, administration and research institutions in mining industry by virtue of its unique, professional and comprehensive industry characteristics. All the service objects have a certain degree of influence and appeal in mining industry. 
    Our cooperation begins from now on. China mineral resources website will dedicate itself to serve you!
    Channel Introduction
    News Channel We are the most professional mining media with the most valuable news
    Mining Market : The compass of mining industry, the wind vane of mining investment
    Service Platform of Mining Right Trade What you are looking for is searching you;we help you to placer miningReserves Calculation Center of China Mining Association Science · Technology     Pioneer of Mining Era
    Mining Books Mall : The most comprehensive and the most professional knowledge portal in mining
    Exhibition & Show : ChinaMR.net—to build the never-ending exhibition of mining.
    Education and Training : Cohere the power of knowledge, a base for training mining talents
    Policies & Regulations : GPS of mining development, we guide you for navigation!
    Mining Tourism : The second barrel of gold in mineral resources brings you boundless joy.

    China Mining Website is focus on the comprehensive information on Chinese mining induetry. It is co-sponsored by China Mining Association and the Mining Management Department of the Ministry of  Land and Resources.
    The website provides you with elite industry information, and is the information portal for you close to mining policies and regulations, minng economics news and market trends, and also to develop your business.
    Features of China Minig Website: Covering all mining industries: coal, metallurgy, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, the nuclear induetry, non-metallic minerals etc.
    Columns: Mining news, mining enterprises, mining marcket, mining management, mininealresources, mining equipments, mining service.
    Servicea: The latest industry news at home and abroad,information on all types pf mineral resources, information searching function, experts’ analysis on market and international developments, building an interactive platform for the information exchanges among enterprises.

    Chinese steel enterprise nets are in China steel industry association, the national federations of chamber of commerce for metallurgy industry, China metallurgical mining enterprise association, Chinese steel association stainless steel branch, China coking industry association, Beijing institute of modern circulation economy under the guidance of the create.
    Chinese steel enterprise nets is the main task: the central work around association, timely pass government and industry related policies; Comprehensive service steel upstream and downstream firms to reflect the enterprise will and significant events; Constructing information exchange platform, timely release important scientific research achievements and new technology, new technology; Open the window, comprehensive display of the latest development of steel enterprises, promoting international exchange, achievement promoting the international competitiveness of enterprises.
    Chinese steel enterprise network's purpose: service enterprise, reflecting the enterprise, satisfy enterprise, promote enterprise.
    Chinese steel enterprise nets sincerely welcome enterprises and social from all walks of life friend to provide information and contributions.
    http://www.chinasie.org.cn    http://www.chinasie.com.cn

    InfoMine (www.InfoMine.com) is the world leader in the provision of mining knowledge online via a suite of websites and email.   Find mining facts, figures and opinions.  Subscribe to in-depth, up-to-date mining and mineral exploration databases, track news, explore career opportunities, take online courses, determine mine costs, locate suppliers and more.
    website :www.InfoMine.com

    Myyouse.com is a professional nonferrous affiliate of Shanghai Ganglian E-Commerce Co., Ltd.( referred to as "Shanghai Ganglian",MYSTEEL.COM). Myyouse.com is an website specialized in nonferrous metals information, nonferrous metals research, nonferrous E-commerce and nonferrous  community, messaging and network technology services. We provide a professional interactive platform about nonferrous information and one-stop E-commerce services as well.
    Myyouse.com focus on providing comprehensive, professional and considerate services for all the participants of the nonferrous metals market. Our destination is to assist market participants to keep up with the pulse of the operation of nonferrous market and catch the law of the prices of the nonferrous metals. We look forward to releasing the mainstream voice of China nonferrous industry in the global nonferrous metals market!
    website :www.myyouse.com
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