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Dear colleagues and friends,
We are very pleased to announce that the BIPV Summit will be kick-off in Shanghai, reflecting the fast growth that China's BIPV is playing the leading role around the world with more industry potential and business opportunities.
hina, as the second largest economic entity around the world, has its unique ideology and capacious market for dramatically carrying out the development of the Building Integrated PV (BIPV) industry. In other words, China has been stepping up the efforts on Photovoltaic
integrated into the building envelope. It's well known that China is a "big eater" of energy with giant building area over 43 billion square meters and will increase by 2 billion square meters every year in future decades. As far as the China PV industry is concerned, momentous improvements have been achieved like PV products (PV wall or roof tile), solar cells, ingot and wafer, and silicon materials (polycrystalline silicon and thin film silicon). Consequently, China BIPV industry is irreversibly springing up and striding forward for adapting to the green building environment.
Rapid development of the China BIPV industry brings new technology innovation and new-round business opportunities. However, in face of this enormous potential for growth, China BIPV faces major challenges. As BIPV products evolve toward tighter interaction with the building envelope, political supports and movements, regulations performance, marketing and financing issues, developing products and technology integration concerns come into play. Established players from all walks of the BIPV industry attach great importance to those that will further boost or constrain China BIPV development.
For the first time in China, the Shanghai BIPV summit will bring together government senior officers, industry experts and research fellows, PV manufacturers, commercial real estate developers and large home builders, architects and designers, building engineers, building material vendors, solar installers and distributors, venture and equity investors and so forth to have a professional discussion and communication not only for identifying common concerns but providing constructive breakthroughs. This summit is a must-attend event for any player with a stake in BIPV. Participants at this event will make deals, build business and cooperation relationships with each other, and consequently, find out the dynamic potential of the China BIPV industry.

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