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Greetings! All our friends, old and new

CPAE is approaching its fourth year. Over past three years, CPAE assembled more than 1000 delegates from over 500 enterprises. We have made arduous efforts to develop China Alternative Energy Market's full potential and to build the best panel for all participants.

Why we joined CPAE? China needs an international dialogue throughout its alternative energy development. In 2008, we need to gain a deep understanding of the many new circumstances affecting Chinese energy markets. Examing the possible formation of a new energy ministry, how that ministry would perform, and the implications of the new PRC Energy Conservation Law will all be discussed by tailored panels.

2008 is a watershed in countrywide energy-saving, energy consumption and pollutants discharge reduction strategic implementation. Renewable energies, currently accounting for USD 270 billion (RMB 2 trillion) total capital investments, should grow to 15% of total power proportion till 2020. In details, wind, biomass and solar installed capacity will increase six-fold to a level of at least 61.8GW.

We understand that the new energy policy represents China's determination to build a energy-efficient and environment-friendly society. The existing approaches to rational power usage need to be constantly redefined, enhanced and innovated. Essentially, investments in energy efficiency pay for themselves in terms of the creation of a more product and efficient society.

Therefore, in 2008, our expertise brings you four unique panel sessions: regional CDM trading platform, renewable energy financing and alternative wind power development.

We look forward to seeing you!

Shi Dinghuan
Consultant of the State Council of China
Former Secretary General of Ministry of Science and
Technology of China
Sha Yiqiang
China Electricity Council
Dai Yande
Vice-Chair CPAE2008 Steering Committee
Deputy Director
Energy Research Institute of National Development &
Reform Commission
Lawrence Lee
Vice-Chair CPAE2008 Steering Committee
Managing Director China Decision Makers Consultancy

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