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Joint Sponsors :

Evides Industry Water, Source of Knowledge

Evides Industry Water (part of drinking water company Evides NV, The Netherlands) is a leading European supplier of water services to the industry. These services range from production and supply of process water, demineralised water and distilled water all the way to wastewater treatment and effluent reuse. All plants are built and operated by Evides’ highly efficient and knowledgeable specialists on the basis of so-called DBFO (design, build, finance and operate) contracts.

Process water is produced in centrally located plants (commodity) as well as customized plants at or near the production site of the client. Evides uses state of the art technologies (filtration, integrated membrane technology, ion exchange) to convert various water qualities into the required process water quality. Its 20-year track record of reliability and excellence in performance and technological innovation as well as proximity to Europe’s leading port and chemical areas (Hamburg, Rotterdam, Vlissingen and Antwerp) have gained Evides contracts with major petrochemical and chemical companies such as Dow Chemical, Shell, BP, Total, ExxonMobil, AKZO, DSM and Cargill.

In addition to process water plants, Evides Industry Water also possesses and manages various industrial end domestic wastewater plants. Evides Industry Water owns and operates two sewage treatment plants near The Hague (49,000 m3/hr), two of the biggest treatment plants in The Netherlands. Evides also owns and operates wastewater treatment plants at Schiphol International Airport of Amsterdam and in chemical parks such as Vlissingen (Total refinery) and Delfzijl..

Wastewater treatment is an important link in the water chain: by reusing the effluent of a wastewater treatment plant for the production of process water, the use of fresh water can be reduced. Evides designed, engineered, constructed and operates Holland’s biggest effluent reuse plant (4 million m3 per year). Treated effluent of a sewage treatment plant of the city of Terneuzen is treated to demineralised water quality by means of a reversed osmosis plant. The demineralised water is supplied to a nearby Dow Chemical facility. The reuse water treatment plant is part of one of the biggest integrated water treatment facilities in Europe, which are all owned and operated by Evides. They treat a multitude of water sources (including river water, fresh water, industrial effluent, municipal effluent and condensates) to produce a portfolio of water products, such as cooling water, demineralised water and polished water. A truly integrated water solution to quench industry’s thirst!

ERC - Evides partner

The Municipal Water Resource Development & Utilization (South) National Engineering Research Center (ERC) was set up in October, 2005 with the approval of the National Committee of Development and Reform. Depending on Shanghai Waterworks Shibei Co., Ltd which is among the largest water suppliers at home, Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design General Institute which ranks 1st on comprehensive municipal design capacity nationwide, Shanghai Municipal Sewerage Co., Ltd which ranks 1st on sewerage nationwide, Shanghai Raw Water Co., Ltd which is the largest raw water supplier in China, Tongji University which is celebrated for its research on water quality, and the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, ERC makes full use of the complementary advantages of “industrialization, science, research”
ERC now has 1 academician, 5 researchers, 20 professors and professor engineers. In addition, it is composed of a water resource research center and a post-doctor work station. ERC has authorized the research results valuing 16 million RMB for incubation and industrialized development.
As a national level research center located in Shanghai, the center is to be built into the base for science and technology innovation, industrialized incubation, personnel training and international cooperation.

Norit-Leading in Purification

As subsidiary of Norit Process Technology Holding, Norit Purification Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. acts on behalf of all the Norit companies in China for sales, marketing, assembly, service and warehouse. The Norit group of companies provide products, services and solutions in all major industry segments in China with focus on the beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical markets and water treatment (industrial and municipal) markets. Key products in our portfolio include SÜdmo flow components, Haffmans lab equipments and systems for brew industry, X-FLOW UF filtration membranes, Nijhuis pumps and a wide range of activated carbon products.


Royal Haskoning

Royal Haskoning is an independent, world-wide operating consultancy firm, with more then 3200 staff active in over 80 countries. The basis for the firm was founded in 1881 in the Netherlands. Rooted in a technical background, our consultancy services focus on the broad field of the interaction between people and their environment in the fields of water, infrastructure & transport, environment, architecture & building, building management & consultancy, building services, industrial installations, spatial development, coastal & rivers and maritime.
Royal Haskoning has subsidiaries and partners throughout the world. Through our 53 branch offices and 39 offices in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, we have access to major international markets. This way, Royal Haskoning offers multidisciplinary and integrated services locally, based on experience built globally.
Presently Royal Haskoning China is involved in projects in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, ChongQing, Hong Kong and the Jiangsu, Guizhou, Fujian, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. Royal Haskoning China has offices in Beijing (head office), Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.
Royal Haskoning is experienced in water supply and waste water services for the petro-chemical industry, ranging from Feasibility studies, Safety / Security strategy systems, Designs, Project Management, Permits and, together with its partners, to complete DBFO solutions.
Contact person in China: Ir. F.J.H.Dirks
Managing Director Royal Haskoning China
711A Ganjiakou Tower, 21 San Li He Road,
Haidian District, Beijing 100037, China
Tel.: +86 10 683 53 645
Fax: +86 10 683 53 652

E-mail: f.dirks@royalhaskoning.com
Website: http://www.royalhaskoning.com


Independent consulting engineers
Witteveen+Bos is an employee owned, fully independent Dutch firm of engineering consultants. Established in 1946, the firm gradually expanded to a professional staff of over 600, working in interdisciplinary teams in countries world-wide.
The many successfully completed projects over the years show that we are able to keep abreast with changes in society and thus with the wishes of clients by our continuing to be creative and innovative in combination with cost-effective solutions. Our expertise is not confined to engineering and technological issues only, but also extends to economic, social and organisational aspects, which, in our view, is essential for undertaking complex technical and engineering projects.

Areas of Expertise
To respond to the clients’ needs, our firm is organised in the following sectors:

• waste water
• drinking water
• hydro(geo)logy
• water resources management
• civil engineering
• urban infrastructure
• traffic, transport, roads and highways
• geodesy
• hydraulic structures
• ports and coastal engineering
• land reclamation and development
• management and maintenance
• environmental policy and EIA
• environmental management and audits
• solid and hazardous waste management
• air pollution and odour control
• noise control
• soil contamination: investigations and pollution abatement
• contaminated sediments remediation
• environmental surveys
• spatial planning
• real estate development
• regional economy
• building technology and construction
• building physics
• technical installations
• project and process management

Our activities are supported by a wide range of general services, like: chemical, physical, (hydro)biological and odour analysis, social, economic and legal consultancy, project management, process engineering, automation, institutional strengthening, human resources development, training, computer services, field surveys, pilot plant investigations, information and documentation. The environmental field services include monitoring of water, soil and air quality, execution of odour measurements, noise level measurements, bio-assays and fish monitoring. Mobile pilot facilities are used to perform environmental tests on pilot and/or full scale. The Witteveen+Bos Quality Assurance Management System has received an ISO-9001 certificate by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance.


Bronze Sponsor :


Kemira Oyj is a Finland-based chemical engineering company. The Company is operational through four principal divisions. Pulp and Paper Chemicals produces chemicals for pulp cooking and bleaching, paper machines, water treatment, paper fillers and coating pigments. Water Treatment Chemicals manufactures water treatment chemicals, including coagulants used for the chemical-biological treatment of sludge.



Presenting Sponsors:

ITT 公司

ITT公司是全球领先的大型多元化工业公司,也是世界最大的水泵和流体处理系统及服务提供商。ITT公司在中国的沈阳,天津,上海, 南京,南通,苏州,厦门和深圳设有11家投资企业,拥有员工6,500人。ITT的水,污水与流体运送,处理与控制系统广泛应用于中国的重点工程项目,其中包括:黄河小浪底水利枢纽工程防洪排水系统。三峡永久船闸工程。北京高碑店污水处理一二期工程,清河污水处理厂,小红门污水处理厂,沈阳污水处理厂,昆明污水处理厂,重庆污水处理厂,扬子石化项目,上海环球金融中心,北京2008奥运会水上乐园,浙江饮用水处理工程以及宝钢集团不锈钢工程等。



Arup (http://www.arup.com) is a global firm of designers, engineers, planners and business consultants providing a diverse range of professional services to clients around the world. Our firm has over 7000 staff working in 70 offices in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia including multi-disciplinary offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Our capabilities cover all aspects of the water cycle including Asset Management Planning and Strategic Business Services; River Engineering, Flood Defence and Land Drainage; Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment and; Water Resources, Treatment and Distribution.


Wallingford Software

Wallingford 软件公司为城市供排水、水利以及水环境工程开发的InfoWorks软件系列产品在全球五大洲发行,领导着数据管理以及网络模拟软件市场的潮流。 InfoWorks 软件产品能够支持完成供水管网的规划及各种运行调度,排水管网的管理及污水系统的兴建,河流流域的管理以及海岸工程的建造等各项工作。它可以应用于世界各国的水务公司,地方权威机构,工程咨询公司以及学术研究机构。


Associate Sponsor :

Pinsent Masons

Pinsent Masons is a London-based international law firm with offices and alliances around the world. The firm has a pre-eminent reputation in international construction projects including the procurement of energy infrastructure. Its International Construction & Energy Group comprises more than 60 lawyers based in the UK, Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. In 2006 Pinsent Masons was voted "Global Construction Firm of the Year" by Who's Who Legal Awards.


Workshop Sponsor :


Tianjin Motimo Membrane Technology Ltd. (MOTIMO) has established in the Tianjin Economic Development Area (TEDA) since 2003 and represents a joint venture between MOTIAN and international partners LAM to actively promote water treatment solutions through the designed use of membrane filtration system. MOTIMO seeks to work closely with its clients and deliver bespoke modular membrane system to meet their filtration needs.

The established hollow fiber membrane manufacturing plant has a capacity of more than 3,000,000m2 of membrane per year. MOTIMO’s product are spread all over 30 provinces, cities and municipalities, and some are export to other countries, such as Singapore, Korea, Japan.

MOTIMO’s main products as follow: Hollow Fiber Outside-in and Inside-out MF and UF membrane modules (material: PVDF PS PES PAN), The membranes are used in CMF MBR and TWF technic.

Used in following fields: treatment and recycling of municipal & industrial wastewater, pretreatment for large scale RO system, Clarification of juice, beverage and wine, supply purification water without bacteria, separation textile wastewater and latex, concentrating removing or separating in bio-pharmaceutical industries.


Exhibitor :

Brack Capital Infrastructure Development

Brack Capital Infrastructure Development (BCID) is a subsidiary of the Brack Capital Real Estate (BCRE) Group a leading international owner, developer and manager of real estate and other projects mainly in the United States, U.K., Eastern Europe and Israel

BCID has joined forces with leading Israeli and international engineering and technology partners in the areas of water desalination, water treatment and energy, with their own extensive experience in planning, design, engineering, equipment sourcing, construction, installation and operation of large scale industrial facilities. The group brings unique capabilities in technology, management and financing of such projects, delivered on turkey basis or various forms of BOT models.

BCID provides complete << buyer financing>> facility within the Sino-Israel Protocol of inter government financing. Under this financial scheme, BCID is capable to fully finance the plant to the local or provincial government and solve the potable water shortage of these areas.


Insertion :


Mono is a leading manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps, grinders, screens and packaged solutions for a wide variety of industry sectors. With extensive knowledge, experience and a comprehensive network of authorised distributors and agents throughout the world, Mono is well positioned to service its customers, whatever the fluid handling requirement or location.


SEN Lights Corporation

A pioneer in UV Lamps & UV technology in Japan
SEN Lights Corporation, a pioneer in UV lamps and UV technologies since 1965, is a manufacturer of more than 100 different type of UV lamps that are used in a wide variety of technologies such as Semi Conductors, Magnetic storage media, Photo Surface processing, Water treatment and environmental protection systems. SEN Lights also is a manufacturer of Photo surface processing devices as well as water treatment systems that are widely used inside and outside Japan. SEN Lights’ water treatment systems are mostly used in fish culture industries, swimming pools, lakes & ponds in the parks and sewage water in public lavatories.






DDI (DORIAN DRAKE INTERNATIONAL) as a Global Investment Group, have been building World-Class Distributor System, in China we specialized in promoting the Market for our Top-quality Product-Line in the area of Municipal:
1. Spencer Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blower, Main Application: Aeration Blower, Biogas Collecting, and Garbage Incineration. Spencer provides high efficiency, low noise, no maintenance and long life blowers.
2. Franklin Miller Shredder & Grinder, Specialized in Crushing up the Sundries in Pump Station, Pipeline of Waste water, Improving Water treatment efficiency.


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