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PayEgis a SaaS company specialized in providing smart security platform to online consumer facing business. Fraud is an explosive problem in online transactions. Because fraudsters are driven and highly motivated to constantly innovate, we need tools to proactively and faster innovate new ways and means to fight current and emerging fraud in order to achieve profitability in online business. Existing fraud solutions cannot quickly adapt to new emerging fraud, they are usually post event analysis, lack of impact analysis and experimental platform, and disconnected from offer sentiment. PayEgis provides consumer facing business with fraud detection, forensics, and ongoing risk monitoring using strong analytic and rich, predictive models of individual user behavior. PayEgis has real-time adaptive risk management framework, which tracks and scores interested attributes declared on the fly, a.k.a., dynamical reputation management. Combining both predictive model and rule techniques, PayEgis provides experimental platform to simulate and optimize profitability on historical transactions and predictive model (including offer sentiments). PayEgis helps achieve accuracy and speed by performing impact analysis and rule simplification before policy enforcement; PayEgis beats fraudsters by automatically detecting new and evolving fraud threats–delivering actionable alerts and rapid investigation capabilities; PayEgis helps achieve profitability by encouraging transactions and minimizing fraud risk based on predefined risk reach ratio. PayEgis has received 21.5 million RMB investments from China leading institutional investors recently.


Established in 1981, FEXCO is Ireland‘s most successful privately owned financial services company employing over 1650 people across its operations in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.    
FEXCO introduced the world’s first Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service in 1996 and today lead the market, providing solutions to over 45,000 merchants together with 30 multi currency enabled acquiring banks. The DCC provider of choice to merchants from all sectors, FEXCO processes over US$10 billion in DCC transactions annually, generating $10’s of millions in profits for its customers. 
FEXCO Asia, a division of FEXCO Group has responsibility for FEXCO’s operations in the region with a primary focus on DCC, Corporate Payments and Foreign Currency services. FEXCO Asia is headquartered in Hong Kong with local offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. 
For more information about FEXCO and our products, please visit

CyberSource Corporation
The World's First eCommerce Payment Management Company
We're more than a global payment gateway—we're a payment management company. CyberSource provides a complete portfolio of services that simplify and automate payment operations. Customers use our CyberSource and Authorize.Net brand solutions to process online payments, streamline fraud management, and simplify payment security.
Born during the dawn of eCommerce in 1994, CyberSource was one of the pioneers in online payment and fraud management services for medium and large-sized merchants. In 2007, we acquired the leading U.S. small business payment services provider, Authorize.Net, thus expanding our market footprint to cover businesses ranging from the smallest sole proprietorships to the largest global brands. In 2010 CyberSource was acquired by, and operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of, Visa Inc.
Today, over 300,000 businesses worldwide use CyberSource solutions. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California with international offices in Reading , U.K.; Singapore; and Tokyo.

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NICE Actimize is the world's leading provider of the financial services industry’s solution platform for combating enterprise financial crime, mitigating firm risk and assuring regulatory compliance. NICE Actimize empowers its clients to prevent financial crime, mitigate risk, reduce operational costs, minimize losses and improve compliance. The company provides real-time and cross-channel fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, enterprise investigations, risk management and trading surveillance solutions; built upon the Actimize Core Platform which has been enhanced by the company's acquisitions of Syfact and Fortent (Searchspace) analytics and technology.  With offices across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, NICE Actimize serves the majority of the world’s largest financial institutions including all of the top 10 global banks.

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Olympus Business Creation Shanghai Co., Ltd is the unique China-located subsidiary company of Olympus Business Creation Corp., who assumes missions of creating and expanding the new business and its products.
The business of new generation display smart cards is one of our important projects, which is made full use of technologies and experiences acquiring in medical and image industry from Olympus Group. To realize the safe, easy, convenience society, we implement our undertaking globally, aiming the NO.1 provider of display smart card solution in the field of security, finance, transportation, medicine and other applications.


DynamiCode Company Limited is the pioneer in the field of security status, DynamiCode is dedicated to being leading innovator of Authentication based security technologies and applications. DynamiCode’s major business covers Government, finance, telecom, e- commerce, online games and Enterprise.
Established in Shanghai, also has branches in Beijing、Guangzhou、Shenzhen and Hongkong. In 2008,  DynamiCode glory ascends No. 1 market share in domestic similar market .
In the future, DynamiCode will always pay attention to investment in technology research and development, DynamiCode is also getting stronger in Authentication and the benefit of its customers in the market, and becoming a stronger player in the market, whom being No. 1

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PayEase is the foremost payment service provider in China, providing comprehensive payment services that include: mobile payments via SMS, internet banking, call centers and Point of Sales (POS) terminals. With offices around the globe, we continue to look for enhancement opportunities to ensure our leadership in the industry. PayEase is delegated to provide a user friendly, cost-effective, and secured integrated payment platform. PayEase has the most extensive banking network, in alliance with 23 major banks in China which accounts for 90% of the banking industry, supporting 63 types of credit and debit cards plus Master, Visa, JCB, and American Express.

M2CASH (or Mobile to CASH) is new technology that delivers in today’s ‘real time, ‘on demand’ world.
M2CASH enables instant funds transfer for both banked & unbanked customers, who are fully identified through our system. Customers can send cash at the speed of SMS to any M2CASH linked POS, ATM or authorised over counter location, where the transferred cash is collected instantly, without the need for an ATM card, thanks to M2CASH Virtual Card Technology.
Global money transfer is now easier, cheaper and instant. M2CASH licenses software to Banks, Telcos and the remittance industry, to allow the operation of mobile-initiated remittance service to the unbanked in targeted international markets.

UNISTREAM is an international money transfer service provider. Established in 2001, the system has been rapidly transforming to a solid international market player. The operational and organizational centre for the system is the Moscow-based bank JSC CB Unistream.
With undisputed leadership positions in the CIS, it nowadays operates over 330 thousand outlets, working in partnership with over 400 financial institutions worldwide.
UNISTREAM offers its clients cash-to-cash, cash-to-accounts, cell phone account-cash services. The product line enables clients to send money from terminals and from retail shops.
Working in various countries, the system is known for high quality services (b2c), and flexibility working with its partners (b2b).
Geographically it features strong positions in CIS, Asia, Gulf Countries. UNISTREAM promotes its own networks through affiliated companies in Germany, Greece, Cyprus and in UK.

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