How to enter for an Award

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Awards Rules & procedures for entry submissions
To be considered for Payment Innovation (China) Convention Awards, your entry needs to meet the following requirements:

All entries must be received by September 17th . We are unable to accept late entries. The contact person listed on the application form will be notified upon receipt of entry.

All applications must be submitted electronically to be accepted via The admin form must be completed online and processed before the entry will be confirmed. All applications must be made in English.

There are no geographical restrictions regarding entries. The events could be held anywhere and organized from any country worldwide.

For each category you wish to be considered, you must complete a specific category application. Individual application can only be submitted into one category. Applications submitted into more than one category will be withdrawn from all but one category. Entries should be emailed to

All contents of each application are confidential. Each judge is required to sign a legal nondisclosure agreement and is required to return the entries to organizing committee when they are finished.