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Argus is a leading provider of price assessments, business intelligence and market data on the global crude and products, natural gas, coal, electricity, emissions and transportation industries. It is headquartered in London and has offices in Houston, Washington, New York, Portland, Johannesburg, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney, Moscow, Astana, Kiev, Santiago and other key centres of the energy industry. Argus was founded in 1970 and is a privately held UK-registered company.
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Interfax China, an arm of the Interfax International Information Group, is the leading source of industry-specific business news in China. As the largest independent news organization in the country, Interfax China offers insightful reporting and in-depth commentary and analysis, putting valuable and unbiased information about China's major industries at its customers' fingertips. Weekly reports focus on the metals and mining, energy, pharmaceutical health and technologies, and IT and telecommunication industries. In addition, Interfax China offers research services that can be tailored to clients' needs.


The Electic Power magazines was published by Vogel Media Group and America POWER. It reports advanced technology,innovative products and the latest solutions That applied in the power industry focus on combined cycle and coal-fired super- Critical development,clean technologies,IGCC,and more,and though the vision of Globalization,and provide comprehensive technical support for Chinese electric Power enterprise optimization of operation.

Coal International is probably the oldest English language coal magazine in the world, having started in 1858 as the Colliery Guardian.
It expanded to become an international publication when the UK coal industry was privatised, and is now regarded worldwide as the No.1 journal within the coal industry.
Coal International is an international coal orientated magazine reaching a worldwide audience in all areas of the coal mining industry and boasts over 44 pages of up to date information on:
The pick of today new products
The latest industry news
Case studies technical articles
Health and safety
New plant and equipment

C1 Energy is an ICIS service, owned by C1 Energy (Guangzhou) Co Ltd., a joint venture between ICIS and CBI.
C1 Energy is the first independent and professional oil and gas market reporter and pricing agency established in China, founded in May 2000. C1 Energy is widely acknowledged as one of the best intelligence sources for China's oil and gas markets, both domestically and internationally.
C1 Energy provides pricing assessements for various energy products and in-depth and industry-leading reports that equip you with unrivalled market intelligence on China's energy markets and enable you to stay ahead of the market. C1 Energy’s services cover Crude Oil/refinery , LPG, Gasoline, Naphtha, Gasoil, Kerosene, Solvent, Base oil, Lubricant, Wax, Fuel oil, Bunker, Bitumen, Petroleum coke, MTBE, Mixed Aromatics, C5, C9, C10, Ethylene Tar, Coal Tar, Shale Oil, Natural gas and coal.
C1 Energy's products continue to be recognised for first-hand, professional, unbiased and reliable market intelligence. C1’s information and historical data is used extensively by international/domestic oil majors, refiners, traders and broking houses, numerous banks and fund management, as well as international organizations, such as OPEC etc.

International Energy Website (IN-EN.COM), based on immense data base and information resources, endeavors to integrate world energy information and serve global energy enterprises, which owns five major sub-websites including International Coal Website, International Electricity Website, International Oil Website, International Gas Website and International New Energy Website.
International Energy Website, with its comprehensive and timely information resources, professional and in-depth market analysis, authoritative and original policy interpretation, provides you with customized information service and becomes your dedicated industry advisor. International Energy Website has an energy e-commerce platform, to be professional and advanced is our goal, to create value for customers is our relentless pursuit.
Through energy, we embrace the world.

China Energy Net(,established in 2000,is an IT-based information product and services provider specializing in energy. Our mission is to integrated information and consultation services in energy and related industries, and aim to contribute to the harmonious and sustainable development of China’s economy, energy industries and environment. Our goal is to help promote business and marketing opportunities for our clients working in energy- related fields, through the provision of timely and accurate market information, in-depth analysis, expert research and consulting services.
China Energy Net’s five philosophies:Energy Environment Efficiency Economy E-Business

China Coal Resource Website is a new media in energy field, aiming at providing the best service on energy industry. Created in 1998, it has become the most experienced business website on coal industry, supported by a group of authoritative coal and coking experts, it covers abundant information on resource, production and marketing of coal, coke, coal chemcials, coal bed gas and new energy industries, etc. With a bilingual platform and database query system, it’s easy for customers to scan and serach information on the website and enjoy consultancy service. .Welcome to was established in 2001, which is owned and operated by Beijing CNTEN Technology Limited Company. Gasshow was firstly got the ICP and the permission of Internet advertising in the gas industry in China. Up to now, it had recruited about several hundred thousands registered users among most cities. All for gas is our belief. With the uninterrupted accumulation and updating of the database, and the successful experience in information sharing and value added services, Gasshow gained the user'approvement and became one of the most authorized portal in the gas industry. Its average page view reaches more than 700,000 per day, which is one of the most effective and popular professional websites in the gas field.


Platts, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies (NYSE: MHP), is the market leader for independent real-time news, pricing, and data for the energy and metals markets. From our 17 worldwide offices, we create market transparency and help traders and investors make better decisions in more than 150 countries. More information is available at


2010年4月19-22日,商会网成功举办“商会大会”,包括11个论坛、一大展会,万人参会,为规模最大的商会会议,也是全国商界的年度盛会; 商会网拥有商会黄页、商会动向、创业部落、商人理财、城际购房、企业投资、名品生活、品得商城等8大优势频道和业务,努力实现“从交流到交易”的战略创新,打造商人圈互动服务第一平台! is a leading web portal in the venture capital and private equity industry in China. Integrating the strongest networks and research resources of Zero2IPO Group, focuses on sharing timely industry news, abundant data, and in-depth analysis with its users.

美国商业资讯(Business Wire)
每年发布的几十万条新闻覆盖了几乎所有的行业,对全球资本与商业市场产生了巨大的影响。国际文传(Interfax News Services)是美国商业资讯指定的大中华区唯一的合作伙伴。依托自身在新闻和媒体资源方面的优势,国际文传致力于为大中国区的用户提供国内外全方位的新闻稿发布和监管信息披露服务。

"Energy" magazine by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission director of publishing and distribution of energy at home and abroad a comprehensive public class magazines. Aimed at promoting and interpretation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council's major energy policies, professional, objective, in-depth attention to the phenomenon of energy economy, research and explore our country's energy politics, economic and social areas of focus, focus, and hot issues; to explore the energy sector in China The policy orientation and development strategies, promoting energy strategy research in academic exchanges in the energy management sector, research institutions, energy companies to build an effective communication between the bridge.
Issues of domestic unity CN13-1392/TK, International Standard Serial Number ISSN1674-4683, Structure :18-120; layout for the 16 open, full-color printing, text 112P, a monthly magazine published every month on the 5th, the retail price of RMB 20 yuan / year.
"Energy" magazine as an integrated energy industry journals, will adhere to the high-level, wide-vision approach the magazine covers energy politics, economic, strategic, international cooperation, energy security, energy-saving emission reduction and other fields.
Columns include: Editor's Note, assessment in the assessment, foreign media point of view, sound, news and reviews, columns, dialogue, characters, cover story, round-table, energy and the Economist, reports, in particular the planning, low-carbon life, book reviews, History of, etc.

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