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The automotive industry is about to enter a new era: the revolution of energy. Green fuels & vehicles catch all eyes on worldwide for sustainable mobility. The move to this trend will have dramatic consequences to consumers, regulators, oil producers, mining companies, electric utilities, auto manufacturers, input suppliers, battery producers, R&D activities and investors, among others. However, enormous opportunities comes from this change, including the reduction in CO2, less dependence on oil, more geographical independence, technological advancements, very new industries and markets, as well as huge profits.

The conversion of energy resources, such as oil, biomass, natural gas, coals, nuclear and renewable, into energy carrier, including liquid fuels, electricity and hydrogen carries more technological and strategically issues. The overlook to the future of energy diversity and the roadmap of finding the most feasible pathway are well worth discussing.

A new era of green vehicles also calls for a new way to distinguish noteworthy vehicles. The economic, regulatory and technological advantages of hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell means that dramatic growth in their adoption and usage will be seen in the next decades, both China and worldwide. It is necessary to gasp the cutting edge technologies of current and future electric transportation, battery and other components development while understand the policies for electric utilities and infrastructure construction.

Another biggest challenge remains in the industrialization and commercialization process of green fuels and advanced vehicles. From the consumer's perspective, green vehicles should be acceptable and affordable which require a harmonious proposal- a balancing and integrating of cost and price.

Various forces are converging to make this green cake a reality in the not-too-distant future. Actually, our conference is one of the driving forces to accelerate the energy revolution, providing an interactive gathering for all of the decision-makers from industries related. We will cover all critical issues of advanced vehicles including energy resources, batteries, vehicles and infrastructure, and discussions will be structured around policy initiatives, energy diversity, technology aspects, and commercialization.

The Green Race is on! Don’t miss attending the 2010 event!

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