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Program Overview

Day One Thursday 11 November 2010
08:00 Registration


8:50 Opening Remarks
9:00 Future Outlook: Generating a New World by Green Energy
9:30 Insight into Programs & Policies for Green Vehicles Drive Market Development
10:00 Vehicle-Grid Interface: Standards and Methods for Vehicle-to-Grid Communications
10:30 Networking & Refreshment Break
11:00 Future Scenarios of Charging Station Infrastructure
11:30 Project Showcase for Sponsor
12:00 Speed Networking for Sponsor
12:30 Luncheon


14:00 Energy Diversity: The Solution for Future Sustainable Mobility
14:30 Natural Gas for Vehicles – Ready for Mass-Market Adoption?
15:00 Biofuels in China: The New Green Bubble?
15:30 Networking & Refreshment Break
16:00 Opportunities for Coal and CTL: illustration with competitiveness approach
16:30 Green Action under Green Lead: Oil Company’s Practices Sharing
17:00 Panel Discussion: Integrating Energy Supply Chain & Achieving the Win-Win Situation between Energy Suppliers & automotive manufacturers
17:45 Exclusive Dinner: Buyer – Seller Exchange Program
19:30 End of Day One

Day Two Friday 12 November 2010
8:30 Registration


9:00 Must-Know Advanced Study on Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technology
9:30 Emerging Electric Vehicle--Technical Roadmap
10:00 Ford’s Next Generation Hybrid Electric Vehicle
10:30 Networking & Refreshment Break
11:00 Sharpen Focus on Cutting-Edge Lithium Battery
11:30 Opportunities and Challenges for Components Supplier
12:00 Panel Discussion: Scaling up from Idea to Product
12:30 Luncheon


14:00 Green to Gold: How Luxury Vehicles Act in the Eco-friendly Environment?
14:30 Successful Practices toward Industrialization and Commercialization -Reducing Barriers and Paving the Way for Green Vehicles in China
15:00 Consumer Response to Green Vehicle Market: Results From Consumer Research Projects and Surveys
15:30 Sparkle Local Brand to Stand Out in the Global Automotive Market
16:00 Networking & Refreshment Break
16:30 Panel Discussion: China Automotive Industry Revolution- Leader or Follower in the Green Race?
17:15 Distinguish Noteworthy Green Vehicles from Design
18:00 End of the Conference

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2010 China International Industry Fair (CIIF)
Supporting Organizations

Day One , 9 December 2010
08:30 Registration

Overview of World Railway Development

09:00 Has China become the R&D hub for the global pharmaceutical industry?
09:30 Strategically choosing the R&D location to optimize the local resources while reduce the financial pressure
10:00 Build up the lucrative research alliances to operate more effectively and to achieve sustainable R&D outcomes
10:30 Tea break
10:45 Realizing tangible value from Merger and Acquisition to truly achieve the business goal
11:15 Take an even closer look at India: opportunities to be further explored and experience learnt
11:45 Set up a smart R&D pipeline to prepare for the end of the ‘blockbuster era’
12:15 Wisely balancing Small Molecules and Biologics to enjoy today’s success and embrace tomorrow’s prospect
12:45 Luncheon
14:00 How to enhance the innovation capability to secure the competitive advantage
14:30 Intellectual Property Right (IPR) challenges and solutions in conducting R&D in China

Advanced Technologies Leading to the Future

15:00 Patent Drugs and Generics—the war on the patent expiration
15:30 Branded generics—an alternative winning strategy after the patent expiries?
16:00 Tea break
16:15 Grasp the opportunity of the patent expirations: Chinese industry players’ choices
16:45 Ensure pharmaceutical supply chain effectiveness
17:15 End of Day One
Day Two ,10 December 2010
08:30 Registration

Be Intelligent: Factors Attracting Passengers to the Rail

09:00 Personalized medicine—shifting from the fairytale of blockbuster
09:30 Biomarkers and translational medicine for innovative drug development
10:00 Tea break
10:15 The competitive landscape in biosimilars and a comparison between US/EU and China’s capability

Risk Management in Rail Industry

10:45 Good Laboratories Practice (GLP) in China—current and future prospect
11:15 Key factors to be considered for clinical development in emerging markets
11:45 Early stage drug safety strategies and risk management—maximizing opportunities towards achieving clinical success
12:15 Reducing business risk with the right Contract Research Organization (CRO) partner
12:45 Luncheon
14:00 Integrate CRO for pharmaceutical research and development to optimize the investment and maximize the outcomes
14:30 How to effectively recruit and retain patients for the clinical trials
15:00 Successfully and smartly implement the data management to improve the efficiency of your clinical trial activities
15:30 The emerging role of Phase IV clinical research—regulatory issues, strategic drivers and overall trends
16:00 Tea break
16:15 Conducting the effective Post-Marketing Surveillance (PMS) to ensure the drug safety and secure the market status in long run
16:45 Successfully determine the best manufacturing solution—make or buy?
17:15 End of the Conference

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