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TradeTech LLC
TradeTech specializes in nuclear fuel markets: uranium and uranium processing services for nuclear energy. We provide price indicators for uranium (yellowcake or U3O8), uranium hexafluoride (UF6) conversion, and uranium enrichment (SWU). These price indicators, which reflect weekly and month-end spot and long-term markets, are widely referenced as settlement prices for long-term contract deliveries.
These uranium prices along with industry news briefs, topical essays, and industry statistics are available to subscribers each Friday and month-end in the Nuclear Market Review and monthly in The Nuclear Review.
We also provide standard and specialized forecasts for uranium, UF6 conversion, and enrichment prices and supply and demand through 2020. Our other specialized consulting includes procurement and sales support, competitor analysis, and long-term strategies for purchase and sales.
网址: www.uranium.info

"Tuul Songinu Water Resource" JSC
Tuul Songino Company (TSU) is an infrastructure project developer based in Mongolia. The company is listed on the Mongolia Stock Exchange and among top ten largest listed companies in the country. International investors from the USA, Europe and Asia hold over 70% of the company equity.
TSU identifies investment projects in water, power and mining services sectors and offers tailor-made advisory and capital raising solutions. TSU aspires to build successful enterprises in infrastructure services sector.
To Mongolian public authorities and municipalities, Tuul Songino Company offers comprehensive support on developing infrastructure projects by providing advisory services on project structuring and financial solutions as well as direct implementation or equity participation in the project. TSU is pioneering the use of the Public Private Partnership approach in infrastructure development in Mongolia. The Company is currently developing water and energy projects in capital city Ulaanbaatar.
To strategic investors TSU offers unique exposure to vast opportunities in infrastructure services to growing Mongolian mining sector as well as in public utility services. TSU Company is constantly seeking new opportunities in infrastructure and mining services sector to expand its operations and partnership network.

African Energy Resources Limited

网址: www.africanenergyresources.com

Enersense Oy

网址: www.enersense.eu

NUKEM Technologies GmbH
NUKEM Technologies GmbH is a leading service provider for the nuclear industry world-wide, in particular the company target markets are Western and Eastern Europe as well as Asia. Main business activities include the management of radioactive waste, decommissioning, and engineering.
The company's waste management program comprises a broad spectrum of services ranging from the development, delivery and operation of radioactive waste treatment systems (e.g. sorting stations, evaporation, cementing and incineration systems, high-pressure compactors, etc.) to the construction of complete waste treatment centers.
NUKEM's long-standing experience and successful projects like the decommissioning and dismantling of the Kahl Nuclear Power Test Plant in Germany underline the company's role as perfect partner for all decommissioning tasks. The Group's Engineering and Consulting services play an important role in contributing to innovative design and build. In particular, NUKEM possesses the technology leadership in HTR fuel technology.
Consistent customer orientation and quality management are essential cornerstones of NUKEM's corporate philosophy. The company places a high premium on individualized service, timely project completion, complete and understandable documentation and providing its customers with superior-quality products.
网址: www.nukemgroup.com

Pele Mountain Resources INC.
Pele Mountain Resources is a Canadian mineral resource company focused on the sustainable development of its 100-percent owned Eco Ridge Mine in the historic Elliot Lake uranium mining region. The company is developing a safe, secure, and reliable uranium mining and processing operation to deliver lasting benefits to local communities and its shareholders. Pele stock is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “GEM”.
网址: www.pelemountain.net

Since its modest beginning in 1972 Ezeflow is proud to have become one of the most diversified fitting manufacturer in the world.
Ezeflow has established itself as a reputable supplier of high-quality, price competitive fittings to the petrochemical, nuclear energy, oil sands upgrading, refinery, water disalinization, offshore, and oil and gas transmission industries.
Ezeflow produces seamless and welded butt weld fittings specializing in higher alloys such as titanium, super duplex and the nickel alloys along with stainless, chrome and high yield. Approved at the major end users worldwide by way of our certifications: ISO 9001:2000, ASME Section III NPT Stamp, PED, Norsok M-650, CSA N285 Canadian Nuclear Program and CSA B51. Our size range is 1/2”-72”. Ezeflow can accommodate fast overtime requirements and long lead time projects requiring special melts. Address: 985 Andre-Line, Granby, Quebec J2J 1J6 Canada Phone: +1 450 375 3575 Fax: +1 450 375-3772. E-mail: info@ezeflow.com
网址: www.ezeflow.com

Kroll was established in 1955 and has since then been amongst the leading manufacturers of quality tower cranes. In 1978 Kroll designed and manufactured the world's largest tower crane, the K10000, which was used for the construction of nuclear power plants. 15 of these units were delivered all up, 13 units alone to the Soviet Union. These cranes are now involved in various projects all over the world. Since then Kroll has specialised in heavy duty tower cranes and is today the world leader in this field, delivering cranes for heavy construction, shipyards and other specialised areas.
网址: www.krollcranes.dk

  • 设备基础及轨道系统设计及土建的义务咨询
  • 特种弹性隔振系统的设计及静态和动态分析。
  • 整套基础施工图纸设计,隔振系统安装或安装指导。
  • 制造隔振系统,提供安装、振动测量及结构噪音控制(在用户要求下)。

  • 网址: www.gerb.com

    ARMZ Uranium Holding Co.
    ARMZ Uranium Holding Co., also known as Atomredmetzoloto, is Russia's nodal uranium producer authorized and appointed by Rosatom State Corporation to supply the needs of national nuclear industry.
    Wholly owned by Atomenergoprom, the holding company which consolidates all civil nuclear assets, ARMZ is the mining arm of Russia's nuclear industry and of Rosatom – the Russian State Corporation controlling the nation's nuclear activities.
    ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. operates all of the country's uranium mining assets, licenses and interests in foreign joint ventures. The company has been actively pursuing new prospective projects in exploration for and mining of uranium beyond Russia's borders.
    In 2008, ARMZ's uranium output reached 3,687 tons, an increase of 5% on the previous year. ARMZ uranium resources amounted to 538 thousand tons through active exploration and new license rounds.
    网址: www.armz.ru

    Trendfield Energy and Resources
    TRENDFIELD股份控股公司是一家新型的能源公司,专门从事西非地区矿产资源的勘探和开发工作,并与各国政府、国有企业和私有公司之间存在合作伙伴关系。公司的专业性在西非市场上表现突出,尤其在调查、谈判和获取西非的铀矿资源方面。 原材料市场是一个恒变的动态市场,公司的经营策略也要随着市场变化作出调整,TRENDFIELD及合作伙伴此前已经获得了一些不错的矿产项目

    网址: www.dunan.net

    Forge Monchieri
    Forge Monchieri are leaders in the production of forgings oriented to the energy field (80%); we produce for all the companies of the field: Europe, America and Asia. In particular, we produce steam, gas, hydraulic and other turbine forgings, with all the most sophisticated and demanded steels. Our production is based on medium products, above five tons. Our equipment consists in 5,000, 2,000 and 1,500-ton presses, and an almost installed 12,000-ton press; many heat treatment systems, one of which has very big dimensions. We produce austenitic and ferritic steels, superalloys and non metal alloys such as titanium and others.
    Forge Monchieri S.p.A. operates in the following fields: powergen, boiler & works (sheet metal work), off-shore (petrochemicals), general mechanics and presses.
    Website: www.monchieri.it

    Herbert Smith LLP
    Herbert Smith is a leading energy law firm, in particular in the nuclear sector.
    Our global energy practice sits at the heart of our finance, corporate and contentious practices. With over 100 specialist energy lawyers, including 50 energy partners, the Herbert Smith energy team acts for many of the major players in the industry, including sponsors, financiers and governments.
    Our Asia energy group includes lawyers from our Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore and Tokyo offices, as well as our associate office in Jakarta. The dedicated team of energy specialists have spent a number of years working in Asia in a combination of private practice and in-house roles.
    We have been involved in advising on the nuclear sector since the original restructuring of the electricity supply industry in the period 1988 to 1990 dealing with the consequences of the UK government's decision that nuclear generation had to remain in the public sector. We advise on matters at all steps of the nuclear fuel cycle and decommissioning including consents and authorisations, fuel fabrication, fuel supply and transportation, storage, disposal and reprocessing of spent fuel. We have also advised on liability regimes of the UK, Thailand, France, Canada, Romania, Holland, Germany and all relevant treaties.
    : www.herbertsmith.com
    Greenland Minerals and Energy
    Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd is a leading mineral development company focused in Greenland. Our aim is simple; to develop the Kvanefjeld mineral deposit which has the potential to underpin a multi decade, economically robust mining operation.
    Our flagship project is Kvanefjeld, a multi-element specialty element deposit located on the very southern tip of Greenland. Kvanefjeld has shown itself as becoming 0the world’s largest undeveloped deposit of rare earth oxides and uranium, commodities with long term forecasts for strong demand increases.
    : www.ggg.gl
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