The 3rd Annual China Civil Aircraft Conference 2011

Program Overview

Aviation Market and Aircraft Demand Prediction
09:00  09:00 Establishing Sustainable Development in China’s Aviation Industry During the 12th Five Year Plan
09:30 China Aviation Market - Prospects and Opportunities
10:00 Opportunities and Challenges in China’s Aero Engine Industry
10:30 Coffee Break & Networking
11:00 Achieving Balanced Regional Development by Developing Regional Aviation
11:30 Global sourcing of aviation equipment and technology - opportunities and prospects in China
12:00 Panel Discussion
Leading Airlines’ Panel: How to Adjust Fleet Structure to Meet Challenges and Increase Profits?
12:30 Luncheon
Analysis of Competitive Trends in the Aviation Industry
14:00 Aviation Industry: Competition and Cooperation
 14:30 Irkut: Russian Aviation Industry and International Project MC21
15:00 Topic to be confirmed
15:30 Coffee Break & Networking
16:00 The Maps of the Global Civil Aviation Industry: The Short, Medium and Long Term Outlook
16:30  Established Role for Turboprop in Asia - Driving Forces and Market Perspectives
17:00 Flying into the Future: Aviation Industry’s Development Trends
17:30  The Current State of Aerospace Globalization – Implications for China
18:00  Achieving a Leading Position in a Highly Competitive Aviation Market – Bombardier’s Marketing Strategy
18:30  Cocktail Party

New Challenges Facing the Aviation Industry 
09:00  How to Respond to Competition from the High-Speed Rail?
09:15 European Union Emissions Trading System: Challenges and Solutions
09:30 Ways to Improve Airlines' Performance in Today’s Hyper-Competitive Marketplace
10:00 Challenges and Opportunities in the China MRO Market
10:30 Coffee Break & Networking
Aircraft Leasing and Its Implication for the Chinese Aviation Industry
11:00  Chinese Aircraft Leasing and Financing Market Outlook
11:30 Current Dynamics in the Global Aircraft Leasing Market & the Implications for the Chinese Aviation Industry
12:00 Panel Discussion
Aircraft Leasing Industry: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions
12:30 Luncheon
Technological Innovation in Aviation Industry
14:00 Developing Biofuels to Accelerate Green Aviation
 14:30 Trends for Tomorrow’s Aero-Engines 
15:00 Biofuels and the Future
15:30 Coffee Break & Networking
16:00 Potential of aluminum alloy used in next generation aircraft
16:30  Aircraft Manufacturing Revolution: Advanced Composite Materials Used in Civil Aviation
17:00 New Aircraft Design Technologies
17:30  Innovation Perspectives and Technology Trends for Next Generation Aircraft
18:00  Advanced Avionics Systems and Safety: Economy, Convenience and Environmental Protection Flights

General Aviation Forum

GA Market Outlook
09:00 General Aviation Market in China: Status and Future
09:30 Overview of China’s General Aviation Policies and Development Strategies
10:00 Challenges and Opportunities for the Fast Development of the General Aviation Market in China
10:30 Coffee Break & Networking
11:30 Business Aviation Development
12:00 Panel Discussion
General Aviation Industry: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions
12:30 Luncheon
GA Investment Opportunities and Infrastructure Establishment
14:00 U.S. General Aviation Industry Development: Implications for China
14:30 The Role Of High Quality Aviation Services In Promoting GA Development
15:00 Air-Traffic-Management Systems’ Establishment and Modernization
15:30 Coffee Break & Networking
16:00 Light Aircraft: Global Status and the Development Future in China
16:30  Bottlenecks Restricting the Development of General Aviation and Solutions
17:00 Training of Pilots and Technicians to Ensure Optimal Performance
17:30 Several Points for Improving Aerospace Usage Efficiency
18:00   General aviation and FBO
18:30  Role of Aircraft Financing and Leasing in General Aviation Industry Development
19:00 End of Conference

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