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China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC) focuses its efforts on creating platforms of opportunities into the China market through synergizing international economic and business structures. We produce and manage high-level conferences and summits which address industry-specific business-to-business topics. Uniquely, all of CDMC's conferences receive ministerial-level official support and sponsorship.


The French Gas Association is one of the oldest gas associations in the world.
Its main roles are:
  • To look for all appropriate ways to encourage the development of the gas industry in France, like working in partnership to offer solutions to any issues affecting the gas industry, be they political, technical, economic, legal, or regulatory.
  • At the national level, AFG works to represent its members (as GDF SUEZ, Total, EDF…) in dealings with the authorities on issues concerning the gas industry in France and in Europe.
  • AFG makes a contribution to thinking about the gas industry, be it strategic, technical or regulatory in order to maximise the potential of it.
  • It also provides useful services expected by the gas industry in France for the development of gas technologies both in France and abroad.
It was chosen to chair the International Gas Union (IGU) from 2012 to 2015 and to organise the 2015 world Gas conference in Paris.

Gas Association of Singapore (GAS) was incorporated on 21 Dec 2001 as a non-profit organization registered with the Registry of Societies.  GAS has 3 classes of members; i.e. Ordinary Corporate, Associate Corporate and Ordinary Individual members.   All members are generally in the Oil & Gas Industry, from Upstream to the Downstream of the Oil & Gas Chain, which includes production, transmission, distribution, storage, wholesale and retail.
GAS aims to provide an appropriate forum for members of the association to discuss matters relating to gas; to promote good industry practices and standards; to carry activities that enhance the development of the gas industry in Singapore and to participate in worldwide gas activities under the auspices of international gas organizations.  GAS’ activities includes co-hosting of the GASEX 2004 Conference & Exhibition held in Suntec, Singapore from 31 May – 3 Jun 2004, various Technical/Breakfast Talks on emerging issues relating to the gas industry and on-site field visits, as well as social events such as GAS Golf Game and Members-Get-Together Cocktail.

International Gas Union (IGU)
c/o StatoilHydro
0246 Oslo
Tel:   +47 2297 2000
Fax:  +47 2253 6318
Website:  www.igu.org
Email:  secrigu@statoilhydro.com
The International Gas Union (IGU) was founded in 1931. It is a worldwide non-profit organisation registered in Vevey, Switzerland with the  present Secretariat located in Oslo, Norway. The objective of IGU is to promote the technical and economic progress of the gas industry. The members of IGU are associations and entities of the gas industries in 75 countries. It cooperates with many global energy organisations. IGU's working organisation covers all domains of the gas industry from exploration and production of natural gas onshore and offshore, pipeline and piped distribution systems to customers' premises and combustion of the gas at the point of use.