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Gaining Insights into Mission-Critical Issues:
  • Get the inside track on the latest developments in building new nuclear reactors, from domestic owners' perspective
  • Hear from the top operators all over the world to unscramble China's own roadmap to be a giant in Nuclear energy
  • Network with industry leaders, expert advisors and Government officers to gather the signals which indicated what is going on in China nuclear market
  • Promoting the industry transparency and corporate social responsibility for the sustainable nuclear energy future in China
NPPs Under Construction:
Plants Site Power Output(MWe) Reactor Type Start-up Date
Lingdong Guangdong Shenzhen 1080X2 CPR1000 2005.12
Qinshan Phase II Expansion Zhejing Haiyan 650X2 CNP600 2006.4
Hongyanhe Liaoning Dalian 1080X4 CPR1000 2007.8
Ningde Fujian Ningde 1080X4 CPR1000 2008.2
Fuqing Phase I Fujian Fuqing 1080X2 CNP1000 2008.11
Fangjiashan Zhejiang Haiyan 1080X2 CNP1000 2008.12
Yangjiang Guangdong Yangjiang 1080X6 CPR1000 2008.12
Sanmen Zhejiang Sanmen 1250X2 AP1000 2009.4
Haiyang Shandong Haiyang 1250X2 AP1000 2009.9
Taishan Guangdong Taishan 1700X2 EPR 2009.10
Shidaowan Shandong Yantai 200X1 HTR -

NPPs Will Get Approved:
Plants Site Power Output(MWe) Reactor Type Start-up Date
Changjiang Hainan Changjiang 650X2 CNP600 2010.10
Fangchenggang Guangxi Fangchenggang 1080X2 CPR1000 -
Taohuajiang Hunan Yiyang 125X4 Gen III 2010.9
Daban Hubei Xianning 100X4 Gen III -
Pengze Jiangxi Pengze 125X4 Gen III -

Agenda at a glance:


Day one

Day two

Day three


Session 1: Eyes on China: Rising Giant in Nuclear Power
Session 2: Debate on Reactor Technologies
Session 4: Construction and Equipment Management
Session 5: Contention for Overseas Uranium Resources
(separately booked)
Post-conference Site Tour:
Chinese Experimental Fast Reactor, which will be connected to the grid and start at 2010.
Address: Yuanxin West Road, Fangshan District, Beijing


Session 3: Dialogue among Investors, Designers, Builders, Operators, and Users Session 6: Advanced Fuel Cycle Technologies
Session 7: Safety and Waste Management

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