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The Silk Road to the Frontiers of Nuclear Renaissance
Chinese government had planned to increase nuclear generating capacity to 40 GWe by 2020 (of total 1000 GWe then planned), with a further 18 GWe nuclear being under construction then, requiring an average of 2 GWe per year being added. In May 2007 the National Development and Reform Commission announced that its target for nuclear generation capacity in 2030 was 160 GWe. In March 2008 the newly-formed National Energy Administration (NEA) said that the target for 2020 should be at least 5% of electricity from nuclear power, requiring at least 50 GWe to be in operation by then. In June 2008 the China Electrical Council projected 60 GWe of nuclear capacity by 2020. In April 2009 the State Council was reported to be considering raising the 2020 target to 70 GWe installed and 18 GWe under construction.
The Silk Road to the Frontiers of Nuclear Renaissance The 11th 5-year plan 2006-10 has firmer environmental goals than previously, including reduction of 20% in the amount of energy required per unit of GDP, ie 4% reduction per year. As well as the Sanmen and Yangjiang projects slipped from the tenth plan, nuclear power developments originally proposed in the 11th 5-year plan included:
four CPR-1000 units at Hongyanhe, Liaoning province (NE),
two 1000 MWe units at Haiyang, Shandong province (now 1100 MWe AP1000),
two 1000 MWe units at Fuqing, Fujian province,
two units at Hongshiding, Rushan city, Shandong province,
two units at Tianwei, Lufeng in Guangdong province,
two units at Taishan in Guangdong.
This year in May we embraced the opening of the 5th Annual China Nuclear Energy Congress (CNEC2009), expectedly a grand gathering for executives of the nuclear energy industry in China and elsewhere around the world. This annual summit themed China's nuclear energy industry has been well received and acclaimed by participants. To satisfy their demand for further communication and co-operations, we organize China Nuclear New Build Summit, looking forward to sharing with them the latest development and achievements of the industry and exploring the substantive nuclear sites. Apart from the keynote topics presented in the summit, this year's CNEC will also cover the up-to-date topics and projects. We sincerely wish that all the participants will benefit immensely from the three-day trip.
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