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Commodities 2008 Dataroom
We're going green!
As part of our conscious effort to play a part in conserving trees and the environment, we are taking necessary steps to move gradually into providing "paperless" conference documentations. Powered by our Ansarada, our Official Online Dataroom Sponsor, we are pleased to invite you as one of the participants to pilot test our new dataroom system. Not only does the dataroom allow registered delegates, speakers and attendees of conference to easy and hassle free retrieval of presentation slides, or subsequent articles made available by our speakers and panelists, it further allows for Delegates to Speakers interaction via the format of a Question and Answer platform.

Simply log-in to the dataroom HERE to enjoy a whole new conference experience!

Conference agenda
Exciting topics to be addressed in this conference:
Day 1
  • The Creation Of A World Class Commodities Trading Centre In Asia – Roadmaps For China
  • Developments In The World Of Commodities And Implications For Economies And Financial Markets
  • The Effect Of Asia And China On The Commodities And Futures Markets
  • Examining The Macroeconomic And Structural Changes In Global Commodities And Implications For the Investor
  • Predicting the Future – Large scale Trends & Turns for Gold & Oil
  • “Does One Size Fits All?” - How Does The Different Commodities Measure Up Against Each Other? - A Critical Analysis Of The Different Commodity Sectors And Its Fundamentals
  • The Quest For Superiority – How Is Competition Shaping Up Among The Major Asian Financial Centres To Be The Commodities Trading Hub In Asia?
  • How Does Commodities Performed Against Traditional Asset Classes? - An Indepth Study
  • Asset Allocation Strategies For Commodities Investments For Pension Funds, SWFs and Institutional Funds
  • Innovative Strategies In Commodities Investment
  • How Has The Credit Crunch Affected The Pricing Of Commodities?
  • The Pros And Cons Of Short Term Versus Long Term Investment/Trading Strategies
  • Exploring Commodities ETFs As An Investment Alternative
  • Structured Commodities Products – What Unique Advantages Do They Offer?
Day 2
  • Understanding Historical Price Cycles, Volatility and Inventory Issues In Commodities
  • The Energy Sector: How High Will Oil Prices Go?
  • The Metals Sector: “A Gold Miner Is A Liar Standing Beside A Hole In The Ground”? - Mark Twain. How Far Can Gold Go? A Look At Gold & Other Metals
  • The Soft Commodities Sector: Agriculture & Biofuels
  • How Are The World's Fastest Growth Economies Reacting To Rising Commodities Prices? - A Focus On Brazil, Russia, India and China
  • Managing Price Volatility In Commodities: A Look At Tools Available In Financial Markets And Recent Innovations
  • Cross Border Structured Commodities Investments: Applying Latest Techniques To Cater For Investors Across Different Jurisdictions
  • What Are Leading Investors Investing Today In The Commodities Markets?
  • Understanding The Issues And Importance Of Logistics And Supply Chain Mechanics In The Global Commodities Trade
  • Risk Management Strategies In Commodities Investment: Building A Robust Risk Management Strategy For Your Portfolio
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