CDMC is China’s biggest large-scale B2B event company. During the past 3 years, I really learned a lot from CDMC. I am proud to say I have promoted more than 10 projects together with my beloved colleagues. From petrochemical, nuclear, high speed railway, clean coal, green mobility, gas, deepwater and etc. I am so proud when my clients like BHP Billiton, Husky Energy, Pillsbury and so on say “Doris, you are so professional!” “Doris, The event is great, we learned a lot and networked with lot of potential clients. I will definitely join this event next year.” They did make deals post the event. I pride myself in growing with your business and China’s economy.

Before I joined CDMC, I worked in Shanghai Telecom, Ufida and Hai Tong Securities as intern during my university. Through all these telesales practices, I turn out to be result-oriented. Result-orientation is the culture of CDMC. You will be aware of my rational, planning in short time. In CDMC, you will get promotion if you work hard and turn out with good sales revenue.

It’s great to talk and do business with people from worldwide. Now, apart from English and Chinese, I can also speak some Japanese and Russian.

Due to my hard working and passion, I almost get promotion every half a year. Now I am not just a sales person but also take a lot of responsibility in leading teams.

Join CDMC and fly your dream here!
China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC)
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