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China Luxury Industry Association (CLIA)

1.Background of Establishment

In recent years, with the rapid economic development, people have been paying more attention to the rise and improvement of lifestyle and living standard, therefore, there has been a growing trend of consumption upgrade. Especially the volume of China luxury market has been increasingly growing, evolving into the main growth area in world luxury market.
In accordance with Mr Chen Deming, Minister of Ministry of Commerce, it is still hard for national brands as well as hi-end brands to meet the increasingly growing material demand and in particular, there isn’t any Chinese brand ranking in world top 100 brands. In this case, we must accelerate the cultivation of local luxury brands.
Responding to national economic restructuring as well as brand upgrade, cultivation of local luxury brand and enhancing the optimization of national luxury price system, we started to hold ‘China Luxury Summit’ in Shanghai in 2004 by means of collaborating with ESSEC MBA in International Luxury Brand Management, world top academic institute in luxury brand management. In the past 6 years, we have been tracking and witnessing the development and confusion of China luxury market and have been holding 7 grand luxury events in Shanghai and Macau, attracting the participation of around 3000 elites from over 200 luxury brands originating in more than 20 countries, thus promoting the luxury concept in China as well as the ideal of consumption to some extent, enhancing the exchange of local and foreign hi-end brands, academic institutes and government departments. At present, the event has been the only platform to call for the participation of international luxury brands, associations and academic institutes, radiating the whole world.
During the past years, a industry association for the luxury company was proposed to be set up by the conference delegates including luxury brand companies, professors, and government officials to. The association is expected to develop the relationship between the luxury company and government, and the cooperation between the foreign luxury company and local branding company.
Against such background, we officially establish China Luxury Industry Association(CLIA). CLIA is affiliated to China Marketing Association which is a ministry level government background organization, with another name of China Brand and Quality Association.

2.Brief Introduction

China Luxury Industry Association, involuntarily constituted by inbound and outbound luxury corporations, industrial service providers, senior industrial personnel, research academicians and analysts and other luxury elites, is a non-profit industrial organization mainly covering China inland market, radiating Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian areas. The association provides industrial promotion, academic exchange and theme research services etc.
China Luxury Industry Association (CLIA) is inbound legal non-profit organization officially registered and approved by the Government of Hong Kong SAR. China Luxury Industry Association is affiliated to China Marketing Association which is a ministry level government background organization, with another name of China Brand and Quality Association.

3.Aim of Establishment

China Luxury Industry Association conforms to national law, regulation and policy, insists on the orientation of socialism market economy, make efforts to build into the most authoritative luxury industry association in China. The association aims to provide an ideal platform featuring integrating market resources and enhancing industrial advantages for corporate and individual members by means of promoting the mutual assistance and sharing information as well as experience between international luxury brands and local brands, Jointly promote the upgrading of local brands, to speed up domestic luxury brand building.thus safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of members, guaranteeing industrial fair competition, coordinating the relation of members, government and society, promoting industrial development, consolidating the correlation of international business partners and strengthening the corporate reputation in local and overseas institutions. The association accepts the guideline and regulation of national authority. 

The CIRE Club :

A continuing communication platform established to satisfy customer requirements and industry needs for information exchange and rapport building based on the quality event and customer loyalty. A series of activities including club dinner, roundtables and circuit shows will be properly arranged through the whole year.

The CIRE Club is a global non-profit industry support organization mandated by its members to work toward best practices in the Industrial Real Estate industry across the Asia / Pacific region specifically in China.

The CIRE Club is governed by a pro-active Executive Committee working in tandem with committee chairs to achieve the goals set forth in our Mission and Vision Statements.

We bring to bear global awareness and concentration on development and investment opportunities across Asia and China by Industrial Real Estates decision-makers from around the world. We are an active catalyst for positive change and a facilitator for deal-flow.

The membership spread covers all key entities and sectors relating to industrial real estate: Institutional investors (Fund Management, Insurance Companies, Securities cooperation, Social Security Fund etc.) Overseas Private Fund; Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs);Real Estate Developer; Investment Bank; Assets / Investment Management Company; Real Estate Investment Advisor / intermediary Legal / financial / tax adviser; Commercial space solutions provider ; Industrial Park; Property management companies; Relevant government agencies; Park Corporations (High-tech IT, Manufacturing , Logistics), etc.

All of these disciplines come together under the umbrella of CIRE Club, working toward the betterment of the industry and the societies it serves across Asia and China.

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