Once You Can See It, It’s Too Late.

Thrive or Die?

Retail is brutal, and reality constantly reminds us of it. Here comes another wave of changes that may challenge the ability of retailers to thrive in the new era. How to adapt to the changing economic environment and market dynamics, and gain insight into the evolving customers? Will the leading ones always be strong? How can the small and medium-sized innovate and survive?

Now, New and Next

In the context of increasing uncertainties in the international situation, the emergence of new technologies and formats, continuous penetration of digitalization, omni-channel integration, and the NCP catalyzing the consumer retail transformation, the opportunities and challenges facing the retail industry are unprecedented. Maternal and infant products, pharmacy and healthcare, pet products, education, and community, what untapped niches can retailers fill to break out of the retail noise?

Made in China, Win Internationally

In recent years, bathing in "One Belt and One Road" initiative, more and more Chinese enterprises have taken the world stage and made an impact. Confronting with new competition, new market and new culture, NextRetail 2020 will help you to interpret the brand globalization strategy as well as global brand marketing trend, and explore the "new route" for international expansion.

Global Perspective & Authentic Story

In view of the global markets and international vision, NRC 2020 invites leading domestic & global brands, retailers and service providers to share cases of business innovation, omni-channel, digital operation, integrated marketing, membership marketing, flexible upply chain, etc., and discuss where the sector is going.

Social Commerce & Retail

The blurring of lines between the social, digital and commerce worlds will continue to dominate the conversation well into 2020. Social is the new shop window and the importance of social and social influencers in retail is rising. In the context of integrated service tools, how to build private domain traffic pool and elevate brand marketing? Find your answer here.

Supply Chain Collaboration

In the era of the Industrial Internet, how to build an enterprise supply chain management model that can adapt to the future retail ecosystem? How to improve the flexibility to meet the demand of instant consumption? More important and more challenging retail innovations will be transferred to the back end and to the supply chain. Meanwhile, a customer-obsessed supply chain could be a differentiator.

Smart Retail & Digitalization

With the development of AI, big data, cloud computing, IoT, 5G, etc., the retail industry is undergoing a revolution with smart retail as the main content. The coronavirus outbreak has forced retailers to accelerate organizational revolution and digital transformation, and unmanned retail, which entered a calm period, has once again attracted people’s attention. NextRetail 2020 will decode smart retail centering on digitalization.

Omni-channel: Truth and Future

Darrell Rigbyfirst proposed the concept of “omni-channel”retailing in the Harvard Business Review in 2011. It has also been booming in the Chinese market. Now, is "Omni channel" just a beaten-to-death buzzword? Are we doing true "omni-channel"? What are the prospect and direction of “omni-channel”? Anyway it is the future of retail regardless of the buzzword assigned.