Celebration and Reward

This is an industry which is fast changing and constantly evolving with unlimited business opportunities. "NextRetail" Rankings will take the opinions of the advisory board of experts, public data, online voting and other standards into consideration, finally establish a set of industry value evaluation system, research industry players and forecast the future landscape.

“NextRetail” Rankings & Awards recognize excellence and innovation of individuals, teams and enterprises within the retail industry. It sets a new benchmark for industry development, provides successful cases for technological innovation, and leads new opportunities for business cooperation. It is an encouragement to individuals, teams and enterprises who are determined to innovate and actively practice in the past year, which is conducive to the sustainable development of the industry.

Commend the advanced and encourage the new. NextRetail 2020 is looking forward to sharing your achievements and working together for the future!

“NextRetail” Rankings

  • Most Innovative Companies of the Year TOP 20
  • Fast-growing Start-ups of the Year TOP 20
  • CSR Initiatives of the Year TOP 20
  • Retail Service Providers of the Year TOP 30
  • Digital Leaders of the Year TOP 30

“NextRetail” Individual Awards

Individual Awards(limited places)Application Procedures:

  • 1. June 10 | Application Deadline
    Please fill in the Award Application Form and submit it to the Organizing Committee or send to nextretail@cdmc.org.cn to get the eligibility.
  • 2. June 13-June 17 | Compilation and Assessment of the Application Materials
    The Jury includes the Advisory Board, Cooperative Institutions and Media Partners.
  • 3. June 20 | Announce the Winners
  • 4. July 30 | Awards Ceremony