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New Report Reveals a Seismic Shift

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Global Research from Johnnie Walker Reveals a new Model for Measuring Success and Achievement

- Over half (52%) of global citizens say success isn't just based on wealth
- Two in five (42%) do not think material goods signify success
- Death of the 'me' culture in the Western World
- Community values still prevalent among the conspicuous consumption of the East

Attitudes towards success and achievement are fundamentally changing around the world, according to a new report released today from Johnnie Walker.  

'The Progress Index' - an international study which included a poll of over 11,000 people in 11 countries - was commissioned to investigate how the concept of 'progress' is evolving as part of the Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Project, a new initiative to spark thinking for a better future.  

Over half (52%) of the international sample said that success in life isn't based on wealth and two in five (42%) said they no longer believe that material goods signify success, with the figure exceeding two in three (68%) in Spain - the largest in the report.  

Nearly one in three (31%) of those surveyed said they will regard themselves successful when they can help others and the vast majority (88%) feel they achieve more by working with others.  

Despite a challenging economic climate, only one in five (21%) said they would be willing to succeed at the expense of others, further emphasising the shift from 'individual' to 'collective' gain.  

A shift from a 'Me Culture' to a more community based 'We Culture' is perceptible around the world, although to varying degrees.  

The report identifies three stages of how countries think about progress.  In stage one, the acquisition of wealth and defined social positioning are vital.  In stage two, status symbols are important, but relationships and philanthropy begin to be valued more.  In stage three, the idea of exclusive value - that the rarer something is, the more valuable it is - moves instead towards an idea of inclusive value: the more people use something, the more valuable it is.  

Stage 1: Status Symbolists

Countries in stage one include Lebanon, Thailand, China and Vietnam. The perception that success is based on wealth was shared by 72% of those polled in China, 64% in Thailand and 61% in Lebanon.  People in Vietnam (43%), China (38%) and Lebanon (37%) said their main aspiration was to succeed professionally compared to only 16% in the US.  

Stage 2: Ambitious Altruists

Countries in this stage include Greece, US, South Africa, UK, Bulgaria and Brazil.  55% of respondents in Greece and the US stated that material goods don't signify success. The importance of giving back is emphasised by South Africa, 94% of whom said that this is crucial when evaluating success.

Stage 3: Co-Operative Collaborativists

The only country already beginning to enter stage three is Spain.  For two in three (68%) Spanish respondents, material goods do not signify success, far higher than the global average of 42%.  Roughly the same number (71%) does not think that success in life is not based on wealth.  

Report contributor Rachel Botsman, author of 'What's Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption', observes:  

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