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8th Internet Finance & Payment Innovation 2016
Nov.16-18, 2016 Shanghai China
Energy Storage Australia 2016
Oct. 11-12, 2016 Melbourne Australia
2nd China Commercial Vehicle Congress 2016
Oct. 20-21, 2016 Shanghai China
13th Deepwater Asia-Pacific 2016
Dec.7-8, 2016 Jakarta Indonesia
China Industrial Park Conference 2016
Nov.9-10, 2016 Shanghai China
FPSO & FLNG Asia 2016
Oct. 20-21, 2016 Shanghai China
Digital Marketing Pioneer Conference
Nov.3-4, 2016 Shanghai China
China Internet and Future Manufacturing
Nov.9-10, 2016  Shanghai C hina
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china decision makers consultancy (CDMC) is devoted to delivering business intelligence by creating opportunities for knowledge sharing and business networking. we endeavor to be the premier platform for acquiring business opportunities and strive to be part of your decision making.
We, China conference, firmly position ourselves as a landmark provider of BtoB media service featuring China concept and high acclamation of customer. we pride ourselves in growing with your business and China’s economy.  more>>
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in 2004, as especially approved by shanghai municipal government, the company formally took a lofty and accurate name—“China decision makers consultancy”, aiming at providing strategic decision services for the industrial decision makers with the greatest potential all over the world. the official establishment of the China decision makers consultancy made a new epoch for the chinese industrial conference.
in 2004, co-supported by the prc national development and reform commission, commission of science, technology and industry for national defense, and China nuclear industry corporation, CDMC held a nuclear power conference which was quite a sensitive and crucial meeting at that time.
in 2005, host the 1st annual China gas summit 2005 in beijing; host the 1st annual China luxury summit 2005 in shanghai
host China power & alternative energy summit, host metal mining north-east asia.
in 2007, cdma was awarded as the “most influential industrial conference company” by the “conference and exhibition fortune festival”. CDMC was honored as the “best service organization for chinese industrial real estate” in the China real estate investment and financing conference.
in 2008, CDMC was honored as one of the “China top10 creative conference organizers”.
in 2009, co-organize the 1st China international forum on secure electricity development and electricity emergency management (state-level) in partnership with China electricity council and the state electricity regulatory commission of the people’s republic of China.
co-organize the 3rd annual China power forum (state-level) in partnership with China electricity council plan and organize the green fine chemical huizhou summit, entrusted by huizhou municipal government launch CDMC e-newsletter
in 2010, CDMC was awarded the chinese conference and exhibition industry convention—2010 “huabiao award” for special contribution to chinese conference industry.
CDMC was invited to join the shanghai conference and exhibition industry association. managing director mr. li qingxing was invited to take the chair as the launch director of the professional conference committee of the sceia and the expert in the experts consultative committee of the sceia.
in 2011, CDMC successfully held the 2011 China luxury grand ceremony.
the managing director of CDMC mr. li qingxing was invited to take the post as the “vice president of the professional conference studies committee of the China convention and exhibition economic society”.
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Xia Yu, vice governor of shanghai baoshan district,
"CDMC is the most professional and international event company, who has been served and focused on the global unlimited potential growing industries. solved part of the society employment problem, made big contribution to the area economic development. "
Songjin Chen , China mining association secretary general, China mining magazine chief editor
"we have already been cooperated with CDMC for 7 years and we enjoy the cooperation a lot! this is a reputable company, who has a strong understanding and ability to seize both China and international society. as our strategy partners, CDMC brings the revelation for the industry. meanwhile she also brings the association and medias the excited values as well as the profound reward. "
Jinling Du, vice chairman of China federation of industrial economics, deputy director of the China brand strategy promotion commission
"since 2004, China luxury summit has been held annually, based on this platform, it is far-reaching to organize an association combined with luxurious enterprises which stands in chinese market and improve the industry resources, safeguard the legitimate rights, interests of enterprises, and fair competition in the industry , coordinate the relations between business and government. "
Shenghong Wang, former headmaster of shanghai fudan university, former vice chairman of the cpcc
"CDMC, being a responsible enterprise in this society, has set up a positive, united and friendly team, cultivated many thoughtful, creative and responsible employees, overall which is very meaningful."
Zeyan Chen, executive vice president, China society of exhibition economy
"CDMC(China decision maker consultancy), as the domestic organizer of the third-party conferences which established the earliest and being the largest scale, has been persisted the brand-oriented maintenance and provided a good model and references for the development of China’s conferences and summit industry. "
Chenling Wu, president of the shanghai conference and exhibition industry association
"being the leader of conferences and summit industry in shanghai, CDMC keeps providing wealthy experiences and useful recommendations for the industry and has made the positive contribution in leading the industry’s development.i sincerely wish CDMC will do better and better."
Qingdao Wang, president of China conference consultancy organization
"CDMC has been committed to improve the consolidation of the industry chain and contributed actively to the development of conference and summit industry in China as the industrial chain upstream business of the conference and summit."
Xia Yu Songjin Chen Jinling Du Shenghong Wang Zeyan Chen Chenling Wu Qingdao Wang
China conference real estate club
China event training centre
2007 the best industrial real estate service
the innovation conference organizer
shortlisted for best development of a conference outside singapore.
CDMC China nuclear energy congress
shortlisted for best finance event
CDMC payment innovation (China) summit
“huabiao award” for special contribution to
China conference industry
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Q: What kind of business conference should I participate in?
A: Given the fact that there are a large number of business conferences existing today and among which good and bad ones are mixed up...

Q: How can I judge whether a conference is valuable or not?
A: According to CDMC's rich experiences over the years, before choosing to participate in a conference

Q: How to choose a competent conference sponsor?
A: Regarding this question, people vary in their perspectives and contents of attention. more>>

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Nanchun Jiang, ceo, focus media

"it is a good opportunity to convey the luxury culture into people's life and let the consumers deeply communicate with these top brands all over the world."

Zhengrong Shi, chairman, suntech power holdings

"it's beyond my expectation to participate in this excellent event featuring in international profile and forward-looking topics. such conferences will play the key role in promoting the sound development of alternative energy in China."

Qiang Wang, director, director of policy and regulation state electricity regulatory commission (serc)

"energy security, industry restructuring, especially the sustainable development of renewable energy will be the foundation for China’s future social & economic development. the summit is very meaningful!"

"Lun Feng, chairman, beijing vantone industrial co., ltd.

"it is such a meaningful conference that differs from other real estate events. it's more technical and specialized in industrial sector."

Azfar Shaukat, oil & gas director, mott macdonald

"i have found the second conference very informative and useful. I would be delighted to return next year."

Dr. keith Bradley, regional vice president, China atomic energy of canada limited

"thank you again for a well organized conference, which my colleague and I found most valuable to attend."

Guoyong Li, deputy director general of transportation, national development and reform commission, prc

"wish all the success of the China railworld summit 2006 which will definitely contribute to the acceleration of China’s railway development and be beneficial to both the economy and the society."

Eddy Purwanto, vice chairman, bpmigas

"it is a very beneficial conference for both seller and buyers side."

Dr. just Jansz,, president of the technology business, basell

"i enjoyed participating in the conference that covered a very wide range of topics. good mix ofchinese and international presenters and participants. interesting panel discussion."

Jonathan Seliger, managing director for China ,alfred dunhill

"i think generally the organization is very good, all of the speakers are very relevant to the business we have in China. i’ve learned quite a lot, and I look forward to the panel discussion later today…"
Nanchun Jiang Zhengrong Shi Qiang Wang Lun Feng Azfar Shaukat Dr. keith Bradley Guoyong Li Eddy Purwanto Dr. just Jansz Jonathan Seliger

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Energy research institute of national development and reform commission (eri)

China mining association

China real estate association

China investment society

China petroleum enterprise association

China real estate chamber of commerce

The institute of comprehensive
transportation of ndrc

Energy of China journal

development research center of the state council

Ministry of land and resources oil and gas resources strategic research center

Shanghai acadiemy of social sciences

Shanghai federation of industrial economics

International energy website
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I have already worked in CDMC for seven years. In these years, no matter what difficult I met, our team gave me a lot of help and trust. .>>more
Subsidiary company manager
CDMC is China's biggest large-scale b2b event company. during the past 3 years, I really learned a. ...
Marketing manager
What is a Job? From almost all editions of dictionaries worldwide, you may find something like this: job means a God-given mission.   >>more
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