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Staff Stories

Vice President
I had been in the MICE industry for almost 7 years and had worked for 4 event companies before joining CDMC, holding various positions. . ... >>more
GM, Subsidiary Company of CDMC
CDMC is China’s biggest large-scale B2B event company. During the past 3 years, I really learned a. ... >>more
Project Director
Before I move to CDMC, I was in the conference industry almost three years in another organization. The reason I join in CDMC is that I heard ... >>more
Director-Public Relations
& Production
I used to be a consultant. We stay out of office almost time; Travel and Project are the key words to describe my whole life. Before that I was once ...>>more
Senior Conference Producer
Personal experience: I used to be a conference producer at another event company ... >>more
Marketing Manager
Before I move to CDMC, I was in the conference industry almost three years in another organization. The reason I join in CDMC is that I ... >>more
I have already worked in CDMC for seven years. In these years, no matter what difficult I met, our team gave me a lot of help and trust. .>>more
Marketing Executive
Before graduating from the Xiamen University, I come to Shanghai and work for CDMC. Firstly, I was a overseas sales. After half a year,... >>more
Marketing Executive
Once I was a sales executive in a competitor company, also doing some work of the marketing executive sometimes ... >>more
Marketing Executive
Prior to joining CDMC, I had worked in the conference related company for two years, being responsible for the marketing promotion ... >>more
Marketing Executive
Like all the young people with dreams, I began my adventure in CDMC because of her diversification. Life is like a Box of Chocolates, ... >>more
Graphic Designer
Into CDMC, I was just a graduated from college students. As a society fresh people, the first thing is to find a suitable job ... >>more
Graphic Designer

I have been in CDMC for a year, and in the past for nearly a year I  learn a lot of things.It is my first job. Remember when I just came to CDMC,... >>more

Senior Conference Producer
Prior to joining CDMC, I worked in an IT company, where I was introduced to product phase-in and phase-out, work flow management ... >>more
Conference Producer
On account of lacking related working experience and different major, I was working with inefficient confidence at the very beginning. However ... >>more
Domestic Account Executive

I very honored to have the chance to work in CDMC for one year. Compared with other colleges, I think I paid more time and attention on our work.... >>more

Human Resources

Prior to joining CDMC,I had worked in CDMC for almost 2 years ,being responsible for the recruiting part. To be a HR staff can have more ... >>more

Former Employee
It is a very wonderful experience for me working in CDMC for five years. And work with a lot of profound knowledge, skills ... >>more
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Q: What kind of business conference should I participate in?
A: Given the fact that there are a large number of business conferences existing today and among which good and bad ones are mixed up...
Q: How can I judge whether a conference is valuable or not?
A: According to CDMC’s rich experiences over the years, before choosing to participate in a conference, you have to be clear about the following questions...
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