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13th Deepwater Asia-Pacific 2016
Dec.7-8, 2016 Jakarta Indonesia
Offshore China Convention2016
May 26-27 2016 Shenzhen China
10th China Petrochemical Focus 2016
26-27 May,2016 Shanghai China
11th Offshore China Convention 2015
June 11th-12th ,2015 ∣ Shenzhen, China
June 25th -26th ,2015 ∣ Beijing , China
10th Deepwater Asia Pacific Convention 2014
December 11th-12th 2014, Jakarta Indonesia
7th Unconventional Hydrocarbons Summit 2014
May 29th-30th 2014 | Beijing China
11th Asia Gas Congress 2014
May 29th – 30th 2014, Beijing China
10th China Nuclear Energy Congress 2014
May 27th-30th 2014, Beijing China
9th Deepwater China 2014
April 24th-25th 2014, Shenzhen, China
10th Asia Gas Congress Japan 2013
Venue:Osaka Japan
Date:November 14th-15th 2013
6th Unconventional Hydrocarbons Summit Indonesia 2013
Date:Oct 31-Nov 1 2013
8th Deepwater Asia Pacific 2013
Venue:Jakarta, Indonesia
Date:Oct 31-Nov 1 2013
5th Unconventional Hydrocarbons Summit 2013
Venue:Beijing, China
Date:June 5th-7th, 2013
7th Deepwater China 2013
Venue:Shenzhen China
Date:May 23rd-24th 2013
9th Asia Gas Congress 2013
Venue:Beijing China
Date:May 9th-10th 2013
4th Unconventional Hydrocarbons Summit 2012
Venue:Beijing, China
Date:November 29th-30th, 2012
8th Asia Gas Congress Japan 2012
Venue:Tokyo Japan
Date:November 15th-16th 2012
6th Deepwater Asia Pacific 2012
Venue:Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
Date:November 8th-9th
5th Annual Deepwater Asia Pacific 2012
Venue: Guangzhou China
Date: 24th-25th May, 2012
The 7th Annual Asia Gas Congress 2012
Venue:Beijing China
Date:April 19th-20th 2012
The 3rd Annual Unconventional Hydrocarbons Summit 2012
Venue:Beijing China
Date:March 22nd-23rd  2012
The 4th Annual Deepwater Asia Pacific 2011
Venue:Hanoi, Vietnam
Date:December 1st-2nd 2011
The 2nd Annual Unconventional Hydrocarbons Summit 2011
Venue:Beijing China
Date:April 14th-15th 2011
The 6th Annual Asia Gas Congress 2011
Venue:Beijing China
Date:April 12th-13th 2011
The 3rd Annual Deepwater Asia Pacific 2010
Venue: Shanghai China
Date: Nov. 8th-11th,2010
The Unconventional Hydrocarbons Summit 2010
Venue: Taiyuan China
Date: April 21st-23rd,2010
The 5th Annual Asia Gas Congress 2009
Venue: Renaissance Beijing Hotel, China
Date: October 29th to 30th 2009
The 2nd Annual Deepwater Asia-Pacific 2009
Venue: Renaissance Beijing Hotel, China
Date: September 17th -18th 2009
The 4th Annual Asia Gas Congress 2008
Venue: Crowne Plaza Parkview Wuzhou Hotel Beijing China
Date: October 21st to 23rd 2008
Deepwater Asia-Pacific 2008
Venue: Guangzhou, China
Date: September 10th -12th 2008
The 3rd Annual Asia Gas Congress 2007
Venue: Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing, China
Date: November 7th to 9th 2007
The 2nd Annual China Gas Summit 2006
Venue: China World Hotel Beijing, China
Date: November 9th to 10th 2006
China Gas Summit 2005
Venue: Kempinski Beijing, China
Date: November 28th to 29th 2005
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