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Dear IVC colleagues,

I, on behalf of the organizing committee, welcome you to the AuToPros 2019 3rd Intelligent Vehicle Conference on May 15th-16th in Shenzhen.

The degree of vehicles’dependence on software is currently increasing exponentially. The rapid development of new technologies, such as sensor-based driving assistance systems, digital maps for navigation, AI and vehicle connectivity, trigger a rapid increase in the use of software.

Therefore,advances in intelligent vehicle technology should lead to vehicles under full computer control within the next few years. If Intelligent Vehicles are to become complex software-based computer, software would be a major core-competitiveness for OEMs but can also be a challenge. How could OEMs guarantee their reliability and robustness to maintain the safety of driving? How can they get extra benefit from the software and mark the difference between other OEMs? Does the software become the weakness of traditional OEMs and T1? How should they deal with the relationship with software enterprises, cooperation or acquisition or merger?

Furthermore, intelligent vehicles are only one component of much larger transportation systems, namely Intelligent Transportation Systems where connectivity facilitates the interaction between these platforms and their ecosystem, including road infrastructure sensors, traffic information, other transportation systems, etc. , and one of the basic technology to achieve connectivity between the vehicles and these elements is based on the software for communication.

IVC 2019 will provide the multidimensional experience for the audience and encourage comprehensive and deep conversation. IVC 2019 will bring together the elites from automotive stakeholders and promote cooperations and partnerships.

AuToPros 2019 Committee

2019 IVC Highlights

Formulate New Solutions, Encourage Innovation, Promote Cooperation

We will provide an interactive, collaborative and global experience for you. The conference will be subversive and innovative based on our rich experience in international automotive and transportation events.

Rich Social Experience


Private session for C-level management without medias, strictly limit the number of attendees and discussing sensitive and practical topics.

100+ Pre-scheduled 1-1 Meetings

A strategic platform for both parties to converge, discuss, debate and share insights of supply and demand dynamics face to face, allowing you to brainstorm with leading minds.

1 Flash Business Card Networking

It’s an inclusive part of the conference agenda to enable more interactive and efficient networking. Prepare enough business cards and join the exciting session to establish as many new contacts as you can, with which consequent partnership will flourish for mutual success.

Pre-conference and Workshop

Small-scale event one day before the conference provide a platform to have deep discussion with other attendees.

Coffee Break, Luncheon, Dinner Party

Traditional but efficient session for networking, sharing ideas while having delicious food and beverage.

Maximize the Marketing Benefit with Less Cost and Labour

You can meet the most precise and high-level customers during 2-day conference and IVC2019 will provide flexible and efficient marketing plan.


更具互动性和效率的社交环节。 准备足够的名片,加入这个激动人心的环节,尽可能多地建立新的联系,发展伙伴关系,共同取得成功。。




轻松又不失品味的非正式社交场合,与新认识的小伙伴在我们的 酒会上进一步接洽吧。


来自政府协会、汽车金融公司、银行、保险公司、汽车经销商、汽车金融科技公司、汽车金融风险控制等多个领域的CEO、总经理、总监等,分享国内外行业趋势,学习国际先进经验,落地本土应用。 。


本届大会将由3场主题论坛组成,超过30小时的内容交流,狙击 行业热点。

Why You Should Attend

  • We are embracing a new travel ecosystem based on APP

    The global travel market is exploding, and until 2030, it will increase by 8 times with the $285 billion expected total income. Additionally, the annual travel expense will reach $48 billion in 2030 and the taxi market growth will increase by 5.3 times.

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  • The investment in intelligent vehicles

    The government places the intelligent connected vehicles in a strategic priority position. In 2030, the annual growth of intelligent vehicles will reach $51 billion and 15% among the new vehicles will be intelligent connected vehicles. There will be about 250000 serious accidents prevented by intelligent vehicles.

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  • Time for electric vehicle is coming

    The global number of electric vehicles exceeded 2 million in 2016, twice as much as that in 2015. And until 2030, petrol vehicles will only account for 26% of the whole vehicle market and 74% of the whole market will be HEVs and BEVs.

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  • AuToPros Billboard & Awards encourages the innovation of mobility industry, and assists global and overseas teams to present the latest achievements and seek cooperation.

  • Opportunities for communicating with industry experts and investors.

  • Celebrity Effect: direct communication with local and overseas key players in the mobility industry

  • Brand Promotion: providing large-scale, high-density publicity including 1V1 interview with famous medias or Wechat promotion, which increase public exposure and expand more business opportunities.

  • Marketing:integrating domestic and overseas media resources and provide marketing opportunities from various aspects.



  • 1. Opening Remarks from the IVC2019 Chairman
  • 2. Strategic Research of the Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Industry
  • 3. How Will the Advancements of IoT and Deep Learning Shape the "MaaS" and Change the Structure of Automotive Industry
  • 4. Revolution of Automobile Industry in the Era of Intelligence
  • 5. Challenges in Developing Safe & Reliable Software Architecture for Autonomous Vehicles
  • 1. Robustness of Intelligent Vehicles
  • 2. AI-based Driver and Surround View Monitoring System: Implementation and Application
  • 3. Solution of ICV Information Security
  • 4. Cryptography Application Practice in Internet of Vehicle
  • “Panel Discussion”:What Kind of Software Architecture Does Intelligent Vehicles Require?
  • 1. Intelligent IME & HWR of In-vehicle Interaction
  • 2. Interactive Design Research of Taking Over Strategy for L3 Autonomous Driving
  • 3. The Role of Basic Software Technology in Autopilot
  • 4. What is the Key Point of IoV Product Design and Intelligent Driving Experience Design
  • “Panel Discussion”:HMI under Intelligent Driving Scenario
  • VIP Dinner Party (18:00-20:00)


  • 1. Autonomous Driving In-the-loop Test Platform
  • 2. Application of High Precision Map in Autonomous Driving
  • 3. From Chip to City, Close Loop Autonomous Driving Solution
  • 4. Approach to a New Mobility Society —— DENSO Works on Software Redefined Vehicle
  • 5. The Research to Some Technological Problems in Application of Driverless Technology
  • 6. Software Redefine the Vehicles——How to Accomplish Large-scale Application of High Level Autonomous Driving
  • 1. Opportunities for IOV in the Era of 5G
  • 2. The Algorithmic Game of OTA
  • 3. Location Service & EV Charging
  • 4. Trend and Challenges for Intelligent Driving
  • 5. 5G C-V2X for Intelligent Vehicle and ITS
  • 6. Software Redefine the Vehicles——How to Accomplish Large-scale Application of High Level Autonomous Driving
  • 1. The Next Trend——Intelligence and Openness
  • 2. The Race to Autonomy: China's Self-driving Use Cases, Competition and Trends
  • 3. The Trend and Best Practices of Autonomous Driving Information Security
  • 4. Challenges and Opportunities from "Software Redefine the Vehicles"
  • 5. “Intellectualization” - The Trend of Future Competition

Ranking the Most Innovative Companies in Mobility Industry!

Ranking the Most Innovative Companies in Mobility Industry!
AuToPros Billboard encourages the innovation of mobility industry, and insists global and overseas teams to present the latest achievements and seek cooperation. The billboard also provides the opportunities for participants to communicate with industry elites and investors, and stimulate new power to promote the industry development. Public can vote through wechat and media partners platform, and expert committee will engage in the final voting procedure. The whole industry will witness this grand award ceremony on 28th Nov!

In order to reflect the current status of mobility industry and seek common development

  • Top 10 Outstanding Intelligent Vehicles Manufacturer of the Year 2019
  • Top 10 Outstanding Intelligent Driving Solution Provider of the Year 2019
  • Top 10 Outstanding OS Provider of the Year 2019
  • Top 10 Outstanding Big Data Service Provider of the Year 2019
  • Top 10 Outstanding AI Provider of the Year 2019
  • Top 10 Outstanding Vehicle Chip Provider of the Year 2019
  • Top 10 Outstanding OTA Service Provider of the Year 2019
  • Top 10 Outstanding Vehicle Communication Module Provider of the Year 2019
  • Top 10 Outstanding V2X Innovative Technology Provider of the Year 2019
  • Top 10 Outstanding Internet Security Provider of the Year 2019p 10

* please contact the committee for the procedures of application and selection


Call for Entries:

1: Fulfill the Application Form: Download and fulfill the application form from event website.
2: Online Application: Submitting the application form to ivc@cdmc.org.cn by April 1st, 2019.
3: Online voting by professional guests during April 1st to April 30th.
4: Assessment by Judges: Appraising and short listing the candidates during May 1st to May 10th.
5: Award Announcement: The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on May 15th.



Intelligent and Internet Vehicles Research Center (Director)

China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co., Ltd.

Prof. Tsuguo NOBE,

Chief Service Architect and Director of Business & Engineering Development and Government Policy, Intel Japan, Visiting Associate Professor, Nagoya University


Chief Engineer

Chang'an Automobile Co., Ltd.

YANG Jianxing

Connected Car Director


Chakradhar Ghanagam

Intelligent Driving System Department Embedded Platform Manager & Software Architect

Great Wall Motors

YAN Wenbin


Beijing Naga Information Technology Development Co., Ltd.

DONG Yuanwen

Chief Representative

Blackberry QNX China

JIANG Lijun, Professor


South China University of Technology School of Design

WU Junjie

Executive Director of Intelligent Driving Research Institute


YANG Haobo

Senior UI/UE Designer


GUO Jishun

Director of Intelligent Driving Department

GAC Research Institute

LI Huiyun

Researcher, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology,

Chinese Academy of Sciences

BI Fang

Product Manager

Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd.

LIU Zheng

Chief Expert of Global Strategy Department




Chang'an University

HAN Liguang


Redstone Sunshine (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.


Vice President



Associate Director



Autonomous Driving Consultant, Former Autonomous Driving Strategy and Business Development Manager at Ford China

ZHANG Renjie



LIU Jianhao

General Manager of ICV Information Security BU

360 Total Security

LIU Zengqi

IOT BU General Manager

Jilin University Information Technologies Co., Ltd. (JIT)

SHAN Wenlong

Vehicle Mounted System Project Manager of Internet Center

Xpeng Motors

Daniel LIU

China CTO Automative BU


Peter Hanzhi HUANG

Director TASS Autonomous Driving

Siemens Industry Software

Kenneth WONG

Co-founder & Head of Marketing of EV Business


Jyothi KUMAR K

Project Manager

Satyam Venture Engineering Services

PU Zhenghui

Vice President

Intelligent Vision BU, VIA Technologies, Inc.


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  • Normal Ticket


  • Two-day Open Conference

    Private Sub Forum (Not Including CEO-Talk)

    Documentation Package


    Coffee Break

    Simultaneous Interpretation

  • VIP Ticket


  • Benefits for normal ticket

    VIP cocktail party

  • C-level Ticket


  • Benefits for VIP ticket


  • Site Tour Ticket



  • Pre-conference site tour

  • Workshop Ticket



  • Pre-conference technical workshop


It’s my honor to attend IVC this year, and I benefit a lot from discussing with other stakeholders about the future development of intelligent vehicles.
IVC is a great communication platform for colleagues in this industry and the content is very professional, which can promoting industry progress.
Dongfeng Motor
The conference provided a platform for learning, communicating and cooperating and this is useful for the development of the company. I met lots of companies that we can cooperate in the future.
Volvo China R&D
We met lots of high quality peers, CEOs and high skilled talents in the industry. Looking forward to the next conference and thanks for the efforts of organizers!

Invited Enterprises (Partial List)


  • BMW
  • GAG Group
  • GM
  • Ford
  • Nissan Motor
  • SAIC
  • BAIC
  • Changan Motor
  • Volvo
  • Chery
  • GWM
  • Yutong
  • BYD
  • Foton
  • FAW
  • JAC
  • XPeng
  • Singulato
  • NIO
  • Toyota
  • Audi
  • Daimler AG
  • Bordrin Motor
  • WM Motor
  • Chehejia
  • FF
  • Borgward
  • ZOTYE Auto
  • Dongfeng Motor
  • SAIC Volkswagen


  • DiDi
  • Meituan
  • Shenma
  • Caocao
  • Evcard
  • Shenzhou
  • Shou Qi
  • DiDa
  • Yi Dao
  • Uber
  • Pand-Auto
  • GoFun
  • Car2Go
  • Togo
  • Lyft
  • DriveNow
  • AoTu Zuche
  • ReachNow
  • Olasharing


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