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CFIS2015 is pround to invite the following international industry leaders such as China Financial Management AssociationThe Financial Market Asociation ACI Brazil-China ChamberCCIBCto attend our 2nd China Forex Investment Congressin Shanghai on 2-3 July 2015 to share the leading industry information.

On behalf of China Financial Management Association, We are delighted to welcome delegates from all over the world to Shanghai for 2nd China Forex Investment Congress 2015. This conference will features some of the in-depth issues in China forex policy and recent developments of China Forex Market.

Meanwhile,the 11th China international financial brand innovation summit and 2015 China's financial sector international prize awards will together to be hold in the same time

What we have

  • 1000+delegates
  • 400+senior level attendees
  • 40+Exhibitors
  • 36+Hours of Networking Time Including Roundtable Discussions and Open Q&A Sessions, Coffee Break and Exhibition Visits, VIP Luncheon, and One-to-one Meetings.
  • 30+industry leading speakers
  • 4Sessions Offering Vital Industry Insights
  • 2Days Show
  • 1Big event

Who Should attend?

By Industry:

  • Government & Associations & Research Institutes
  • Commercial and Investment Banks
  • Exchanges
  • Brokers
  • Trading Platforms
  • Money Management Companies
  • MTFs
  • Dark Pools
  • Clearing House
  • Trust and Investment Companies
  • Funds
  • Securities
  • Insurance Companies
  • Agencies
  • Futures Companies
  • Data Management Providers
  • Risk Management Companies
  • Import & Export Enterprises
  • Investment Management Companies
  • Individual Investors

By Job Title:

  • Chairman / President / Senior Vice President / Vice President /CEO / CFO / COO / CIO / General Manager /Managing Director / Partner / Sales & Marketing Director / Analyst / /Consultant /
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Transaction Service
  • Electronic Trading
  • e-Commerce
  • Treasury
  • Cash Management
  • Finance
  • FX Dealing Room
  • IT
  • International Business
  • Investment
  • Product Portfolio
  • International Settlement
  • Risk Management
  • Business Development
  • Fixed Income Department
  • By Job Title:
  • By Industry By Geography
  • Chairman / President / Senior Vice President / Vice President /
  • CEO / CFO / COO / CIO / General Manager /
  • Managing Director / Partner / Sales & Marketing Director /

About our CFIS 2014

Listen to our past attendees:

CFIS was an extremely well organised event that brought together a significant number of Chinese and International exhibitors and delegates from banks, ECNs, brokerages, buy side trading firms, futures exchanges and corporates. Over two days we heard from a number of distinguished speakers on a wide range of topical subjects, including the internationalization of the RMB and development of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ). I found that I learnt a lot about the development of the FX market in China, especially on why companies are locating in the FTZ.

In addition to selecting topics for all delegates, the organisers also took a lot of time to make sure delegates and exhibitors had sufficient time for networking, and several times within the day were set aside for one-to-one networking, and visits to the exhibition area, where companies including Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Saxobank and Equinix could showcase their solutions.

I would therefore recommend this event to banks wanting to meet Chinese corporates, to ECNs wanting to meet Chinese banks, and to corporates wanting to understand more about the current trends in the FX market."

Tim Finch
Regional Director Asia

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Conference Structure

Day One, 2 July 2015

Session 1: Chinese Forex Market in the Context of Shanghai FTZ
Session 2: Get Involved into Universal Exchange Model

Day Two, 3 July 2015

Session 3: Corporate Finance & Currency Hedging
Session 4: Forex Investment Strategy

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Shanghai International Convention Center
No. 2727 Pudong Binjiang Road

Floor plan

2m*2m Tabletop Booth.

3m*2m Standard Exhibition

3m*3m Luxury Exhibition

6m*3m Luxury Exhibition

6m*3m Luxury Exhibition

Floor Plan

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