Key Issues to be Discussed Including:

  • Global Antibody Market trends, Commercialization and Project Cooperation
    • Outlook and Policy Focus on Antibody Drug Development of 12th Five-Year-Plan
    • Development and Commercialization Strategy of Antibody in China
    • Prospects of Technology Innovation for Global Therapeutic mAb
    • Challenges and Opportunities in the Development of Large Scale mAb Manufacturing Processes
  • Breakthrough, Technology and Industrialization for Antibody
    • Exploring the Targeting Antibody and New Target Research
    • Study on the New Technology of Antibody
    • Industrialization Strategies of Imitation Antibody Drugs
  • Development and Application of Antibody Drugs
    • Antibody Drug in Disease Treatment
    • Research Progress of Antibody in Medical Diagnosis
    • Next Generation of Antibody R&D and Production Technology
  • Design, Engineering and Production of Antibody
    • Optimization of the mAb Purification Technology for Large-scale Production
    • New Antibody Technology and Platform Development
    • Effect of mAb Disposable Production System on the mAb Development
3rd World Antibody Focus is the region’s leading event dedicated to scientific, technology and business development: a strategic keynote conference, real life case studies and interactive roundtables.

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Why You Should Attend in 2014?

  • Authoritative Interpreting of Global Antibody Development Market Trends
  • Forefront of Innovation and New Technology Breakthrough in Antibody Industry
  • Further Study of the Market Strategy and Technology Application
  • Study to Optimize Antibody Design, Engineering and Production
  • Exploring the Project Cooperation and Investment Opportunity in Asia Especially in China
  • Unique Opportunity of One-on-One Meetings

Don't Just Take Our Word for It:

  • This is a high quality international conference with excellent group of speakers & participants. Very well organized, provided enough opportunity for people to interact. Looking forward to the future events.
    --- GUO Yajun, Director, Chinese National Engineering Research Centre for Antibody Medicine
  • Excellent conference with great mix of speakers. It provided good platform to learn for scientists who are antibody experts and new in the field. Plenty opportunities to interact with old friends and to meet new ones.
    --- ZHU Zhenping, EVP, Kadmon Pharmaceuticals
  • This is a very exciting events, with participants from both academia and pharma industry. There is something new for both new-comers to the therapeutics Ab fields and veterans in the industry as well. Great networking opportunities!
    --- Dr. John L. Xu, Associate Director, Biologics, GSK R&D China
  • Very professionally organized, good questions and knowledgeable topics.
    --- Dr. Klaus WILGENBUS, Corporate Senior Vice President, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • It has been great to find out more details on the biopharmacautical industry in China.
    --- Andrew Buchanan, Senior Team Leader & Scientist, MedImmun

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