Development & Economics of Unconventional Gas Resources
22-23 May 2014, Shanghai China
Course Overview:

This course provides a birds’ eye view of the entire shale gas industry, i.e. geology, global prospects, drilling, fracturing, technical challenges in exploiting deeper unconventional resources, cost of development, gas pricing, challenges to the LNG market, and investment opportunities.

By Attending This Course You Will:
  • Discover the global distribution of the shale gas resources
  • Explore what shale gas has to offer you as an investor
  • Identify how your gas industry can capitalize on the learning curve of US’s shale gas experience
  • Know how it can reduce China’s dependence on LNG imports
  • Learn about the technologies that have made the shale gas exploitation possible
Course Outline:

DAY 1:

  • Classification of Natural Gas
  • Global Gas Resources & Utilization
  • Definitions – Reserves versus Resources
  • Unconventional Gas (UG)
  • Shale Gas Plays in USA
  • Shale Gas Development
  • Enablers for UG Development

DAY 2:

  • UG Development Concerns
  • Impact of Shale Gas on LNG Market
  • Shale Gas Development Costs
  • Decision Gates – Exit Strategy
  • Typical Shale Gas Production Behavior
  • Case Study – Barnett Shale
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