Event Overview

Supported by China Ministry of Transport, 1st Annual Search&Rescue Forum China 2014 will be held on May 9 in Shanghai China. The target of this event is to explore efficiently and effectively ways to save lives. It’s dedicated to establishing a premium platform for knowledge sharing, business networking and collaboration. Enhancing China SAR capabilities will be the key issue of 2014 events.

In recent years, natural disasters, accidents disasters, public health and social security of emergent public events happened frequently in China with 18000km coastline, 2/3 mountain areas and a population of over 1.3 billion, which makes the search and rescue service in China most stringent and challenge. At present, the Chinese government’s emphasis is to speed up the establishment of emergency response mechanisms and improve the government’s ability to deal with public crisis. They has placed greater importance on the development of professional emergency response services.

You are warmly welcome to join this unique event if you have or are interested in Chinese market in this field.

Event Highlights

Concurrent with the international exhibition of Air Medical Transport equipment, service and products
  • 150+ Global&local attendees
  • 50+ invited professional potential buyers
  • Keynote Presentations+ Case Studies + Panel Discussions


In Conjunction with:

Who you will meet here in 2014 Event:

Public Sector:
  1. Disaster management departments
  2. Police force
  3. Civil defense
  4. Emergency management departments

Industry sector:

  1. Helicopter and fixed‐wing aircraft
  2. SAR operators
  3. SAR equipment companies
  4. Emergency assistance agencies
  5. Insurance companies