Key Issues to be Discussed Including:

  • Smart grid policy and regulatory issues in India
  • Scope of smart grid and smart meter in 12th five year plan
  • Vision, Components and Roadmap of Smart Grid in India
  • Smart Grid India: Why and How
  • Advanced ICT in India to enable the Smart Grid
  • Smart Grids and Smart Metering Projects in India
  • Metering Deployment in Europe and experience sharing
  • Smart Transmission, Distribution and Grid Optimization
  • Smart T&D and Loss reduction technology
  • Application of Smart Grid Technology Renewable Energy, Micro Grid and EV
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Why You Should Attend in 2014?

  • 1.      Gain further understanding to the India's smart grid regulatory and policy issues

  • 2.      Learn from Industry Gurus, case studies and best practices

  • 3.      Engage in a growing power utility and smart grid

  • 4.      Plan your future endeavor in Indian smart grid industry and take a leading edge in the sector

  • 5.      What does these smart grid system look like and who are the key players in its success?

  • 6.      Key smart grid sectors to see further development in India

  • 7.      Update the latest smart grid pilot from local DSOs and hear about the roll-out of smart meter

  • 8.      Understand the smart grid value chain of India: who is who?

  • 9.      Observe the deployment of electric vehicles into power grids

  • 10.   Peering with more than 300+ smart grid leaders

Don't Just Take Our Word for It:

  • A well managed event covering all major stakeholders to share technology, regulation and challenges. The distinguished speakers from various organizations have covered the interesting and knowledgeable practical experience.
    ---- Rajiv Goyal, Head-Projects &Automation, Noida Power

  • “First, congratulation for organizing the event on the smart grid topic. Arrangements for the event were excellent……… event was informative and good platform for networking……… My good wishes for the CDMC team and look forward to meeting you again in future conferences cordially”
    ---- Pankaj CHAUDHURY, VDE Representative, VDE Testing and Certification Institute  

  • “It’s a very wonderful interaction arranged by CDMC with various organization from different part of globe, about the development in smart grid technology. The presentations & arrangements were very good. It will help India policy makers to have right decision for implementation of technology”
    ---- Amiya Kumar Parhi, Additional General Manager (Engineering), NTPC Electric Supply Company

Who You Will Meet:

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  Series Media: Smart Grid News: Analysis of smart grid technology and smart grid companies.