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《新理财》杂志简介 Xinlicai CFO Finance

Payments Cards & Mobile has eighteen years experience reporting on card payments, POS Terminals, Issuing and Acquiring and Risk & Compliance  plus the cutting edge technology of M-Payments, Contactless Payments, M-POS and M-Commerce. It is published six times a year, with supplements, and has worldwide distribution.

Treasury Management International (TMI) is a well respected and independent voice in the treasury world, renowned globally for its sharp editorial focus and breadth of opinion.  With real-life experiences from practitioners, TMI showcases topical, pragmatic solutions and strategic insights providing valuable material for all practitioners, from experienced treasurers and CFOs to those new to the profession.

Cards Tech & Security (CTS) is disseminated to the top corporations and government buyers in Asia and China. CTS has a total distribution volume over 96,000 every year. It has formed a solid cooperative base with the global card associations, such as EuroSmart, GlobalPlatform-GP, ISCAN, ACT Canada, SCA USA, AFPC France, EESTEL, Smart Card Society of South Africa and the national bodies like China National IC Registration Center and Smart Card Federation of China (SCFC), China National Committee of Information Standards. And most importantly, the State Leading Group Office of China Golden Card Projects has endorsed CTS.