Key Issues to be Discussed Including:

  • Development Prospects of Heavy Duty Gas Turbine
  • Efficient Cooperation between Energy Industry and Gas Turbine
  • Application of Gas Turbine in IGCC Project in China
  • Opportunities and Challenges in China’s Indigenous Gas Turbine Developments
  • Key Technologies of Gas Turbine for Distributed Energy Sources
  • Advanced Concepts for the Design of Components for Gas Turbine
  • Efficient and Safe Lubricant Solution for Gas Turbine
  • Innovation and Development of Heat-resisting Materials for Gas Turbine
  • Design of Gas Turbine Blade
  • MRO of Heavy Duty Gas Turbine

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Voice from Gas Turbine Area:

  • “Gas turbine has developed rapidly in the past decades. Gas turbine has the advantages of higher heat efficiency, less pollution and less water deprivation. Gas turbine units involved in the combined cycle can reach higher heat efficiency. As a result, it is more widely used in power system”.
    - Guofeng CHEN, Siemens Corporate Technology

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