MBA in Nuclear Power
27-28 May 2014, Beijing China
Course Overview:

This workshop style training course will illustrate how to acquire a good understanding of the key issues underlying the development of nuclear today, learn how nuclear fits into the world energy picture and gain an appreciation that the industry has a bright future. Learn about the key commercial issues that underline this and then become better equipped to follow a career anywhere in the nuclear industry.

By Attending This Course You Will:
  • Identifying key risks of nuclear projects A close look at NPP operations & Safety
  • Developing projects and evaluating bids
  • Localization of the supply chain
  • Radiation, waste management & decommissioning
  • Meeting the challenge of rising capital investment costs
  • Financing in different power market structures
  • Nuclear politics & public acceptance
  • Future technologies & applications
  • Uranium resources and current production
  • Conversion, enrichment and fuel fabrication
Course Outline:
DAY 1:
  • Nuclear & its benefits
  • Energy & electricity
  • Operations & safety
  • Nuclear economics
  • Nuclear fuel & transport

DAY 2:

  • Project structuring & localization
  • Radiation, waste management & decommissioning
  • Non-proliferation & other international issues
  • Nuclear politics & public acceptance
  • Future technologies & applications


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