10 Years History, from 2005 to 2014

China Nuclear Energy Congress is the regional annual conference which assembles leaders from all stakeholder groups in nuclear energy. With over 2200+ attendees, CNEC has already grown into a leading world nuclear event; and also attracting other emerging nuclear energy market leaders to participate.

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China NPPs Outlook:

  • Mainland China has 17 nuclear power reactors in operation, 30 under construction, and more about to start construction.
  • Additional reactors are planned, including some of the world's most advanced, to give a four-fold increase in nuclear capacity to at least 58 GWe by 2020, then possibly 200 GWe by 2030, and 400 GWe by 2050.
  • China has become largely self-sufficient in reactor design and construction, as well as other aspects of the fuel cycle, but is making full use of western technology while adapting and improving it.
  • China’s policy is for closed fuel cycle.
 Part of  NPPs in Operation
Qinshan NPP
Qinshan Phase-Ⅱ  NPP
Qinshan Phase-III  NPP
Daya Bay  NPP
Ling'ao  NPP
Tianwan Phase-I  NPP 
Ling'ao Phase-Ⅱ  NPP
Hongyanhe Phase-I  NPP

 Part of  China NPPs under Construction

Ningde Phase-I NPP

Haiyang NPP

Fuqing NPP

Shidaowan NPP

Yangjiang NPP

Changjiang NPP

Fangjiashan NPP

Fangchenggang NPP

China experimental fast reactor

Xudabao NPP

Sanmen NPP

Taishan NPP

State Nuclear Power Demonstration Plant

Program Structure

Day 1, May  29
AM S1. Seizing new opportunities in china nuclear power
S2. Participating in other high-profile nuclear programs
Concurrent one-on-one
Boutique exhibition visits
PM S3. Nuclear power technology and international cooperation Concurrent one-on-one
Boutique exhibition visits
Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner (Sponsor Reserved)
Day 1, May  30
AM S4. Safe NPP operation and high-quality equipment
S5. Information technology impact on NPP
Concurrent one-on-one
Boutique exhibition visits
PM S6. Uranium supply-demand analyses and waste management
S7. NPP aging and decommissioning
Concurrent one-on-one
Boutique exhibition visits

Key Issues to Be Discussed

  • Nuclear planning and nuclear safety regulations as outlined in China’s 12th Five-Year Plan
  • New requirement and criteria for nuclear equipment
  • Nuclear engineering and planning in R&D institutes
  • NPP operation, aging and decommissioning
  • The latest advancements in nuclear power projects
  • Generation III/IV nuclear technology introduction
  • Self-reliance and globalization strategy
  • Juristical consideration of nuclear power development
  • NPP life-cycle information technology solutions
  • Risk management and software applications
  • Experience sharing from France, Russia, Korea, U.S.
  • The latest advances from other nuclear power markets: UAE, Saudi Arabia and England
  • Front-end: Uranium supply-demand analysis, Fuel fabrication
  • Back–end: Spent fuel disposal

Why You Should Attend in 2014:

  • Seize the unique opportunity to network with the leading executives
  • Participate in workshops on the latest strategies, share best practices with your market peers
  • Discuss all the pressing issues with other industry expert
  • Access a comprehensive overview and debate how it can be improved
  • Establish partnerships with the most important solution providers doing – or planning to do – business in the region

Advisory Board:

CNEC 2014 Statistic

Vital Statistics
  • 250+ stakeholders
  • 50+ C-level Executives
  • 40 1-on-1 partnering meetings
  • 25 countries participating
  • 25+ international speakers
  • 20+ hours of networking
  • 3 roundtable discussions
  • 2 days MBA Training in Nuclear Power
  • 1 award ceremony

  Series Media:

http://www.cdmc.org.cn/2013/anec/images/media/syhdw.jpg http://www.cdmc.org.cn/2013/anec/images/media/syhdw.jpg http://www.cdmc.org.cn/2012/csgf/images/media/Reports.jpeg http://www.cdmc.org.cn/2013/anec/images/media/syhdw.jpg http://www.cdmc.org.cn/2013/cnec/images/media/TEIT.jpg http://www.cdmc.org.cn/2013/aNEC/images/media/rt.jpg http://www.cdmc.org.cn/2013/aNEC/images/media/cppc.jpg