13th Clean Coal Forum 2014
June 11th, 2014 | Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast, China
Course Overview:

This training course illustrates how the power utilities and other coal-utilisation sectors are adopting a range of new clean coal technologies. Participants will have the opportunity to analyse the practical challenges of the leading clean coal technologies - and how they are being commercially and economically implemented on a large-scale.

By Attending This Course You Will:
  • Develop a detailed understanding of the role of coal in the global energy markets, as well as coal as a primary fuel source, coal preparation/upgrading processes, plus the efficient utilization of coal in power plants.
  • Examine the main features of coal combustion - and related emission abatement technologies.
  • Understand the principle technological challenges and opportunities in developing clean coal technologies, and review the new generation of advanced clean coal technologies that are entering the global marketplace over the next decade.
  • Assess the fundamentals of coal gasification and coal to liquids/chemicals technologies- and their growing importance in China and other global regions.
Course Outline:

June 11th, AM

Session 1: Pollution Abatement Technologies
  • Review of main emissions from coal-fired power plants – including key emission standards
  • Sulphur Dioxide – overview of the main flue gas desulphurisation systems [with case studies]
  • Nitrogen Oxides - including low-NOX burners, over-firing air, catalytic and non-catalytic systems utilised in power plants
  • Particulate Capture Technologies – fabric filtration systems and electrostatic precipitators
  • Power Station Ash – and its utilisation
  • Development of new Multi-Pollutant Abatement Technologies
Session 2: Coal Gasification Technology
  • Development of Global Market Opportunities for Coal-fired Gasification Plant
June 11th, PM
Session 3: Coal to Liquid and Coal to Chemicals
  • Overview of Main CTL /CTC processes – production of feedstocks and transportation fuels
  • CTL / CTC Markets
  • Companies and equipment suppliers operating in the sector
  • Future challenges for the CTL/CTC sector
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