2nd China Airport Development Summit 2014

Dear Colleagues,

In 2012, Chinese airports completed a passenger throughput of 679.772 million person-times, and a cargo & mail throughput of 11.994 million tons, up 9.5% and 3.6% year-on-year respectively. According to the “Twelfth Five-Year” Plan on Civil Aviation Development, by 2015 there will be 82 new construction airports and 101 reconstruction and expansion airports. In terms of infrastructure construction will be set as emphasis investment channel, it’s predicted the fixed investment size will reach more than 400 billion Yuan during the period, with an over 60% over the “Eleventh Five-year” period.

2014 is an important year to civil aviation airport industry, besides the implementation of national planning outline; some problems and contradictions need to be considered in this industry. For instance, Security operation of small and medium-sized airport; Full capacity of International hub airports has arrived in advance; Ways to promote Non-aviation business under the premise of ensuring aviation business for civil airports; Through technical and reasonable management to enhance the overall capacity under the limited airspace. Though these problems may not reflect directly on capacity of passenger and cargo throughput, the solution of these matters can improve all milestone of civil aviation airport industry.

China Airport Development Summit 2014 strives to provide a unique platform where brings together over 300 executives and professionals to discuss the strategies in the latest developments and innovative approaches in China airport industry.

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