Mastering Global LNG Training
4-6 June 2014, Shanghai China
Course Overview:

This Masterclass in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) has been designed to provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the new Global LNG market, and China’s growing presence. LNG is now a major supply source of natural gas for many countries and a growing element in security of supply worldwide, with new and existing exporters developing to meet this growing demand. The traditional LNG business model is however changing rapidly with growing major importers and new exporters all looking at different strategies and pricing mechanisms, as well as the application of technical developments such as FLNG and FSRUs.

Delegates will gain invaluable insights, enabling them to understand and master the fundamental and key issues of LNG in the Asian gas markets, with reference to the global context.

By Attending This Course You Will:
  • The drivers and changes in the LNG chain
  • Where Atlantic Basin LNG supply is coming from and when
  • The linkages between Asian and Atlantic Basin LNG markets
  • LNG in context of key Asian markets
  • LNG pricing effects
  • The developments in LNG trading, arbitrage and cargo diversions
  • The global issues and current challenges in the LNG arena
Course Outline:

DAY 1 LNG Upstream Essentials:

  • Natural Gas & What is LNG?
  • The LNG Supply & Value Chain
  • Contracting: Sales and Purchase
  • Agreement (SPA) Contract overview
  • Gas Liquefaction: Process & Plant
  • LNG Projects & Risks
  • LNG Export Financing
DAY 2 LNG Import Terminals and Shipping:
  • Import Terminals Overview: Business & Technical
  • Import Terminals Overview: Storage Tanks
  • Import Terminals Operation: Ship Arrival & Scheduling
  • Import Terminals Operation: Unloading & Reloading
  • Regasification Overview: Process & Plant
  • Floating Import Terminals
  • LNG Shipping Fleet
  • LNG Shipping Costs
DAY 3 LNG Global Supply, Demand and Trading:
  • Global LNG Sources: The Exporters
  • Global LNG Import Markets: Traditional Asia
  • Global LNG Import Markets: Growing & Emerging Asia
  • Global LNG Import Markets: Europe
  • Global LNG Import Markets: South America
  • Global LNG Import Markets: Middle East and others
  • Global LNG Market Dynamics & Pricing
  • LNG Trades
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