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Series Events:


Key Issues To Be Discussed Include:

  • Policy: The latest Policy for Unconventional Gas E&P from NDRC & Ministry of Land & Resources.
  • Industry Commercialization Roadmap: Uncover the Challenges of Commercialization Path.
  • JV Corporation: Bridge Chinese Companies and Foreign Ventures
  • Technologies: Unconventional Gas Onshore Drilling and Extraction Technology + Utilization Technology + Equipment Innovation.
  • Case Study: Shale gas Projects updated and Analyzed by NOCs and IOCs such as CNPC, SINOPEC, Shell, etc.
  • Latest Projects: How to Search the Roadmap of Shale Gas and CBM Industries in Targeted Regions.
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Why You Should Attend In 2013?

  • Seize the unique opportunity to network with the leading executives
  • Participate in workshops on the latest strategies, share best practices with your market peers
  • Discuss all the pressing issues other industry expert
  • Access a comprehensive overview and debate how it can be improved
  • Establish partnerships with the most important solution providers doing – or planning to do – business in the region

Don't just take our word for it:

  • "I am quite glad to be here to discuss the potential of China"s unconventional energy industry"
    ---Chad Hartman, Chief Technical Advisor, Unconventional Reservoir Services, Weatherford Laboratories

  • "This is an ideal platform to highlight national policy guideline and learn advanced foreign experience"
    ---Zhou Rongxue, Deputy General Manager, Huabei Oilfield Company of CNPC

  • "A wonderful event, I am happy to be here"
    ---Claudia J.Hackbath, Venture Manager, Shell Upstream International Exploration

  • "I learnt a lot from other guest speakers, thanks a lot"
    ---Omar Farro, Senior Manager, Schlumberger Business Consulting

  • "I learnt a lot of enlightening views on China"s UHS industry and exchanged ideas with many distinguished guests"

    ---Xu Zhonghua, Principal Representative of R&D, Total China

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