Support Letter

Dear Colleagues,

China recently outlined its 12th Five-Year Plan for the Biopharma Industry, and the gross output value may be 3 trillion RMB by the year 2015, with a growth rate of 20% per year! Much importance has been attached to vaccine, mAb, gene engineering, in addition to protein engineering, peptides, and blood products.

With nearly 1.4 billion people and approximately 12 million born each year, China continues to be the largest producer and user of vaccine products in the world. The Chinese Government has increased investment in epidemic prevention systems, improved regulation, and enhanced disease prevention awareness, thus creating an optimistic outlook for its vaccine industry in the future. The government predicts that the vaccine sales revenue of China will increase to 20 billion RMB by 2015, with a growth rate of 10.8%.

During the China Vaccine Focus 2013, current senior officials from the Ministry of Health, PRC, SFDA/FDA, and NICPBP will address the latest regulatory issues in the development of the Chinese Vaccine Industry. From September 12th to 13th, various sessions including keynote presentations, interactive panel discussions, case studies, and scheduled one-to-one business meetings, will showcase both Chinese and MNC vaccine leaders. These sessions will provide insights into company strategies for the coming years, including how attending companies perceive the current market developments. This will undoubtedly help each company to expand and strengthen its business in China’s dynamic vaccine market!

One thing is for sure, China’s Vaccine Market is constantly growing, and everyone needs to make an impact!

Organizing Committee of the China Vaccine Focus 2013



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