Series specialized conferences will be organized by Pyxis Consult
during China International General Aviation Convention 2013

2nd Aviation Training Congress China on Oct.18-19 in Xi’An, China
China General Aviation FBO & Airport Conference 2013 Oct.19-20 in Xi’An, China

Event Overview

To promote the aviation training market development and networking,2nd annual Aviation Training Congress China 2013 will be held at October 18‐19, 2013 in Xi’An City of China. Approved by China government, we dedicate 2013 event to further discuss the ongoing aviation training market realities and updates, opportunities and challenges in China market. The strong China government support, more high  level  and authorized speakers, featuring topics, more than 500+ high profile attendees and concurrent exhibition will make 2013 event a more and impressive success.

Event Highlights

The only international conference& exhibition in China on business& general aviation training market
  • In Conjunction with China International General Aviation Convention 2013
  • 50+ airlines companies attending
  • 100+ aviation training schools& academies 
  • 500+ high profile attendees  
  • 20 hours business networking session 
  • Numerous one to one meeting onsite 
  • Unlimited cooperation opportunities 
All In This Massive Event in October!

2012 event overview:

Featured Speakers in 2012

Gong JianYu
Secretary General
China Flight Training Foundation    
Tang JiLong
Deputy Chair, China General Aviation Association
Senior Consultant, Chongqing Helicopter
Wang ZhenWe
Director, Flight Training Center
Commercial Aircraft Corporation, China
Tero Arra
Head of Training
Finnair Flight Academy Senior
Jiang WenQuan
China General Aircraft Corporation
Attie Niemann
Group CEO
43 Air School
Gerard Bringue
Senior Manager, Training
Gaetan Durean
Business Development Director
Lee Woodward
Director, Business Development
CTC Aviation Group
Dr. Paul Bates
Head, Griffith Aviation
Griffith University