Inaugural China Food & Beverage Executive Awards!
China Food & Beverage Executive Summit & Awards are designed to identify and reward those companies who demonstrated an unparalleled ability to succeed and have continually set standards of excellence. Under the guidance of CFBES, we will set five prizes, aiming to recognize and honor the excellent efforts and accomplishments of food and beverage producers, ingredients and additives providers as well as other best contributors in food and beverage industry.

Conference Highlights

Key Themes

  • Hearing Latest Updates in 12th Five-Year Plan, Government Regulation, Pricing and Tariffing-How will New Regulations Affect China Food & Beverage Industry
  • Analyzing Current and Future Trends of China Food & Beverage Imports and Exports Trade
  • Keeping Up-To-Date on Food & Beverage Ingredients and Additives Cutting-Edge Technology and Formulation Development Trend
  • Thorough Examination of Scientific Evidence Supporting the Nutritional and Health Benefits of Functional Food and Beverage
  • Discussion of New and Innovative Marketing Strategies for Expanding Food and Beverage Consumer Base
  • Effective Solutions for Overcoming the Food Safety Challenges Currently Facing the Industry
  • Realizing Profitability through Industry Chain Optimization
  • Building Partnerships with World Leading Food & Beverage Producers


Sub Sector 12th 5 Year Plan
Grain Processing Control and restrict bio-chemical and other non food corn.
Food Ingredients Increase intra-industrial consolidation, encourage the production of natural food ingredients and R&D of high-end food ingredients production technology.
Meat Processing Encourages consolidation within the sector to increase the management and production efficiency.
Dairy Products Encourages M&A within the industry. Generally, new projects around large cities are no longer allowed. Government will support large projects with international competitiveness in North East China and Inner Mongolia.
Alcohol Industry Supports M&A but limits the annual production capacity growth to 5%. Growth will mainly come from grapes and fruits, not grains.
Others Government also offers guidance for 5 sub industries including instant food, fermentation, wine, food additives/ingredients and nutrition/health food industry.

  • “We don't see China only as a great growth market. We see China as a future market for further innovation that will benefit our business globally.”  ---- Coca-Cola,
  • “As a former policymaker, I found this conference to be a very productive platform for sharing new ideas and receiving feedbacks on existing F&B policy in China. The conference also provided a great opportunity for developing a stronger network of F&B professionals and policymakers in the Asian region.”---- Ministry of Health P.R China
  • "As incomes rise across China, people are looking for nutrition that supports the health of their families, particularly young children, and dairy is one of the most nutritious foods there is. People's lives are also becoming busier, which means they're often looking for dairy products that they can eat on the go or use to make quick, easy and nutritious meals."----- Fonterra
  • “Highly professional organized event with valuable presentations and good networking opportunities”---- Ministry of Health