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Part of Previous Speakers:
Wang Sen,
Vice President
China National Nuclear Corporation
Xu Mi
Chief Engineer
China Institute of Atomic Energy
Deputy Secretary General
China Nuclear Energy Association
Li Jinying
Head of Comprehensive Planning
China National Nuclear Corporation
Gary Fox
Executive Vice President
Dr. Chen Yuehui
Vice General Manager
China Nuclear International Uranium Corporation
Masaharu Hanyu
President & CEO
Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy
Hans Forsstrom
Director of Division Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology Department of Nuclear Energy International Atomic Energy Agency
Wang Yonggan
Secretary General & Spokesman
China Electricity Council
David Doerksen
Marketing Strategy & Administration
Cameco Corporation
Lee Hwa Gebert
Foreign Relations Specialist
U.S. Department of Energy
Leonid T Yanko,
Head of External Relations
Dr.Moon-Hee Chang
Vice President, Reactor System Technology Development,
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Ulf Kutscher
Managing Director & COO
NUKEM Technologies GmbH
Maurice Lenders
Executive Director, Commercial,
Urenco Limited
Dr.Nikolay G. Kodochigov
Chief Designer
FSUE OKB Mechanical Engineering
Marc Andolenko,
Colin Boardman
Senior Vice President
Energy Solutions

Dr. Ronald Gene Clark
Yu Zhuoping
Technical Director of Nuclear Power
China Power Investment Corporation
Zhou Zhenxing
General Manager
CGNPC Uranium Resourc
Dr.Romney B. Duffey
Principal Scientist
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
Wang Yingsu
China HuaNeng Group Nuclear Development Co. Ltd
Director General
Naka Fusion Research Institute
Japan Atomic Energy Agency

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