Global Information, Inc. (GII) is an information service company with offices in 6 countries and have sales agency contracts with over 250 international research companies. We sell 30,000 market research reports published by these publishers and accept customised research projects.
With offices in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Brussels, and the United States, we have expanded our client base and provide continuous 24 hour service. GII's experience and proactive marketing philosophy have allowed us to develop key relationships with suppliers hence provide our clients with the highest quality business intelligence available. 
Visit us at http://www.giiresearch.com/ for more information.


Web: http://www.prexpress.cn/


Website: http://www.meantimewire.com/mt/


GlobalData is an industry analysis specialist, providing thousands of comprehensive research reports across a broad range of industries, including Nuclear Energy. Our data includes analysis at the company, country and industry level and includes competitors, valuations, trends, forecasts and analytics. Please feel free to browse our reports by following our link or contact us if you have any specific data requests +44 1204 543 529.
Link: http://www.globaldata.com/reportstore/CategorySearchResult.aspx?Title=Nuclear_Energy

(pronounced tsa`ee`shoon ) is the ultimate financial investment online destination in China, owned and operated by Shihua International Financial Information Co., Ltd.  It provides 24x7 real-time market updates and analysis, market data snapshots, global stocks, fund, FOREX, futures, and industry analysis unique in depth and breadth. caixun.com provides objective financial information to help Chinese investors, corporate leaders, consumers make informed financial decisions and delivers marketers a premium environment to reach influential business leaders and affluent investors. Caxiun.com is China’s Financial Community Central.
No.1 Disheng North Street, Block A, Building 6, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area Beijing, P.R.China 100176
Tel:(86 10) 58022299
Fax:(86 10) 58022334

EIN News
is the world leader in industry focused online news monitoring. Thousands of leading companies, institutions and global professionals from business, industry, and government rely on EIN News as an indispensable resource. Our systems continuously scan the web, indexing news from thousands of worldwide sources. The news you need is then organized by advanced software systems managed by a team of professional news editors. Everything we do is focused on streamlining your news searches and research in order to save you time and money.

Why do most customers turn to EIN News?
* Save time in research
* Used by your competitors
* Important news is organized for you
* We have experienced editors who know your industry
* We are a trusted market leader
* Join 1000's of leaders in business, gov't, industry
* Unlimited access to the EIN News archive
* Money back guarantee

(abbreviation for China Economy and Informatization)is a national A-grade magazine sponsored by CCID. (abbreviation for China Center Information Industry Development Group),which is a thinktank in the field of industry and informatization in China. And it is directly under the charge of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.
ChinaEI is a magazine in the field of industry economy. It focuses on the convergence of industrialization and informatization, on the new economy on the basis of the convergence and the adjustment of Industrial Structure in China, it also pay closed attention on the deep development and interfusion of informatization.
website :http://www.chinaeinet.com/

Bvents is the largest source of information on conferences, tradeshows, conventions, corporate events and exhibitions worldwide.
Some of the information Bvents.com has includes:
- 180,000 events worldwide
- 20,000 Venues world wide
- Over 150,000 exhibitors listed in these events
- Over 50,000 event organizers, PCOs and event planners
- Over 40,000 events in North America
- On average, 5,000 companies and 750 new speakers are added each month
Bvents is 100% targeted on business users looking for information about business events.

Balkans.com Business News is a Balkan based online business news source providing up-to-date daily news and weekly reviews, market research, financial reports, and database of companies, from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey. The business-only website in English, Serbian and Greek keeps you up-to-date with its comprehensive coverage of the region, in-depth analysis of industries and business opportunities, interviews with business leaders, special reports and a searchable database. The Balkans.com Business News Team gathers a multinational and multi-lingual group of journalists, translators, managers and economists. The timely and objective business news is written by our team of talented and knowledgeable, on-the-ground correspondents throughout the Balkans.
website : http://www.balkans.com

GoingToMeet.com is your preferred website for many reasons.
·It is your most comprehensive, efficient guide to the most relevant, recent global events.
·It tells you what to expect from an event.
·It links you to the event's website, thus letting you know how you may participate in it (e.g. speaker, presentor, exhibitor).
·It features who are going to the same event that you're interested in, and who are speaking in that event. This gives you the opportunity to establish a network with people in the same profession and business.
·It allows you to express how you want the next event to be, or how you can learn more from it.
·It invites you to share an event you know or an event you're organizing and helps you promote it.

Goldletter International is a premier independent gold investment source in Europe, publishing Special Region Reports, with overviews of exploration/development companies and reports on individual companies featured as a Special Situation.
From January 2005 the separate publication Uraniumletter International, thanks to its distinct approach, has become one of the world’s premier sources for investing in the global uranium resource industry.
In September 2010 Goldletter International started covering the rare earth metals industry through Rare Earth Elements Letter International.

Nuclear.Ru is Russia's leading Internet-portal covering nuclear topics. Nuclear.Ru has been a confident information source for power generation specialists, top managers of enterprises within SC Rosa tom, Russian and foreign mass media.
Nuclear.Ru's information services include the electronic weekly "The Nuclear Renaissance" which presents world trends of nuclear development, expert opinions and original information in two languages.
A Nuclear.Ru's unique socially-oriented project is the annual web-based beauty contest for female workers of nuclear industries of Russia and former Soviet Union countries – "Miss Atom".
Website: www.nuclear.ru

Power and Industry of Russia: Informative edition
The main sections of the newspaper:
Branch news, production, energy, oil, gas, coal, new industrial technologies, supply and sale, exhibitions.
Readership of the newspaper:
-Enterprises generating electrical and heat power and also network and marketing energy enterprises, repairers of the energy sector,
- Industrial enterprises,
-Governmental authorities referring to the energy engineering (ministries, government agencies, regulatory authorities)
-Research institutes, project, engineering companies
-Visitors of the specialized regional exhibitions, conferences etc.
Newspaper’s subscribers:
Heads of the enterprises, engineering services specialists, leading research institutes etc. 
On the newspaper’s website www.eprussia.ru there are:
-daily news on the energy of Russia,
-free electronic library,
-back file of the newspaper,
-catalogue of firms,
-bookshop for power engineers.
Website traffic is up to 2000 Web visitors a day.
Subscript in the Rospechat catalogues is 14263. Circulation is 24800 copies.
Russian Federation, 190020
Saint-Petersburg, Staro-Petergofsky pr., 43/45, liter b, office 4n
Phone: +7 (812) 346 50 15 (16, 17,18)
Fax: + 7 (812) 325 20 99
E-mail: office@energeticsrussia.com
Web: www.eprussia.ru

A Global Conference Directory where you can find Conferences, Conventions, Trade Shows, Exhibits, and Events in any line of Business or Interest occurring anywhere in the World. 
From specialized scientific, medical and academic conferences to business and association meetings worldwide spanning all interests, AllConferences.com provides something for everyone.
With AllConferences.com you can:
Improve your Business Skills by updating your knowledge & gaining new information.  You'll also find Continuing Education courses here as well.
Great Networking Opportunities, especially for your career, when you meet people within your same area of interest.
If you have a Hobby, you'll definitely find something of interest to you on AllConferences.com
Web: http://allconferences.com/

Your industry news provides a service in media, communication, marketing and advertising across ndustry worldwide. We provide quality and up to the minute informative news and articles across a diverse range of topics through out industries. All of which have an impact on our daily lives and the world today and the future.
Your industry news media, communication and marketing services provide industry leaders in their field the means to target and penetrate their audience via a range of opportunities including, advertising, news and other promotional services including exhibitions.
Our core strengths relate to our international industry knowledge and experience reflecting in the diverse news, information, marketing and services we provide.
Yourindustrynews.com is wholly owned by Red Mist Media Ltd an international company providing media, communication, marketing and advertising services.

China Energy Net(China5e.com) ,established in 2000,is an IT-based information product and services provider specializing in energy. Our mission is to integrated information and consultation services in energy and related industries, and aim to contribute to the harmonious and sustainable development of China’s economy, energy industries and environment. Our goal is to help promote business and marketing opportunities for our clients working in energy- related fields, through the  provision of timely and accurate market information, in-depth analysis, expert research and consulting services.
China Energy Net’s five philosophies:Energy  Environment  Efficiency  Economy E-Business

Established in the Silicon city of India, Bangalore, and with correspondents around the world theenergyinfo.com has become THE SUPERLATIVE information source of choice for companies involved in the Energy Sector.
theenergyinfo.com provides imperative information beyond the reach of a general researcher for companies looking for business opportunities in projects within the energy industry (i.e. oil, gas, petrochemical, power & water industries).
The unmatched quality with its in-depth understanding of India & GCC Infrastructure also makes theenergyinfo.com as the best source of market intelligence.
also undertakes exclusive consultancy research for customers with a specific information requirement on the Indian Energy sector. Our unrivalled access to key decision makers and our huge database of critical data enables us to prepare detailed reports on any area on this fast-moving and demanding sector.
also delivers first hand general and breaking news, instantly informing our clients minutes after the event has actually taken place. This not only helps our clients to stay ahead of the game but also empowers them to make informed decisions for their business strategies, which we believe will reflect on your business.

website: http://www.theenergyinfo.com/AboutUs.aspx


Asian Nuclear Energy, the first of its kind in Asia, dedicated to the promotion of nuclear commerce to realize the significance of global co-operation in the fast expanding field of nuclear power generation worldwide. The magazine is published by New Media, India’s largest bilateral trade magazine publishing house covering more than 125 countries across the globe.
Please visit www.asiannuclearenergy.com for content.


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