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Bumi Armada Berhad is the largest owner and operator of offshore support vessels in Malaysia and is an established and trusted service partner in the oil and gas industry. We have established a strong position in FPSO systems, a growing Transport & Installation business and competency in management of large projects.

With our head office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and shore-bases in several countries around the globe, we currently serve clients in South East Asia, Congo, India, Mexico, Africa, Venezuela and the Caspian Sea region.

The Company was incorporated in December 1995 as a public limited company (under the Companies Act, 1965), and the Bumi Armada group of companies include diversified subsidiaries as well as joint venture companies.

With our expanding capabilities spread across offices, shore bases, and over 40 vessels, we are confident of further growth in enhancing our support to the oil and gas industry and opening up greater horizons for both our clients and our stakeholders.


OAO TMK (TMK) is Russia’s largest manufacturer and exporter of steel pipes and ranks among the global top three pipe producers. TMK GDRs and ordinary shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange (TMKS), the OTCQX (TMKXY), and the Russian Trading System (TRMK) and Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (TRMK).
TMK was founded in 2001 and has production plants in Russia, the United States, Romania and Kazakhstan. TMK includes the Volzhsky, Seversky, Sinarsky, and Taganrog plants in Russia and TMK-Artrom and TMK-Resita in Romania. TMK IPSCO, the Company’s US division, includes eleven assets in the Eastern and Central United States. Kazakhstan-based TMK-Kaztrubprom specialises in finishing and threading operations.

欧洲直升机公司于1992年由法国、德国和西班牙共同投资组建成立,隶属于欧洲宇航防务集团(EADS)。欧洲宇航防务集团是航空航天、防务及相关服务领域的全球领先者。欧直现有员工约1.75 万名。2010 年,欧洲直升机公司以48 亿欧元的综合营业额、346 架的新直升机订单以及在全球民用及准军用领域49%的市场份额,成功地保持了其世界第一大直升机制造商的地位。目前,欧直的产品已经占到全球民用及准军用直升机机队飞机总数的33%。通过遍布全球五大洲的30个分支机构与密集的分销网络、指定代理机构和维修中心,欧直的产品和服务成功覆盖了全球的市场。超过11,360架欧直直升机正在为遍及149个国家的2900 多个客户提供服务。欧直公司提供世界上种类最为齐全的民用及军用直升机。 Website: www.eurocopter.com / www.eurocoptersea.com.sg

STANFORD MARINE GROUP is a conglomerate focusing on chartering, building and repairing of Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs) through the following main companies:
Stanford Marine
Owns and operates a large fleet of Anchor Handlers (AHTS and AHT), Supply Boats (PSV and FSV) and Fast Crew Boats, operating out of Dubai, Singapore and Doha
The prime shipbuilder of OSVs in the Middle East and the leading provider of ship repair services, operating out of Dubai at Al Jaddaf and Dubai Maritime City
STANFORD MARINE GROUP strives to provide a place of employment for our staff and a service to our customers that are the safest possible in our challenging operating environment. We maintain effective incident prevention programs and systems and comply with applicable national and international rules and regulations. We review and upgrade our processes, systems and tools every year and have created an environment where individuals feel responsible and empowered with regards to safety and the environment.
STANFORD MARINE GROUP takes seriously its role as a responsible corporate citizen and seeks to take account of the economic, social and environmental impacts of its operations. It is our belief that acting in this way is a source of business opportunity, improved competitiveness and sound business practice.


中天科技在90年代初进入光纤通信领域,主营光纤、光缆、电线、电缆、导线及相关附件产品。现已涉足电力、投资、置业、酒店服务等行业,形成光纤光缆、特种光缆、特种导线、铝包钢导线、射频电缆、海底电缆、通信设备的产业链,成为我国光电线缆品种最齐全的专业公司。目前,中天拥有22家子公司,已形成上海事业总部、南通研发中心、如东花园工厂的事业布局和普缆、特缆、微缆、软缆、电力线缆、海外等事业部专营格局,是“中国通信业综合实力五十强”、“中国电子信息百强”、“中国光电缆最具竞争力十大名牌企业”、 “江苏省文明单位”,产品荣获“中国名牌产品”、“中国驰名商标”、“国家质量免检产品”。

ShanHaiGuan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. (SHGSIC, former name: Shanhaiguan Shipyard) is the first level state-owned enterprise of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC). The areas of SHGSIC are 3,116,000m2, which includes 2,088,000m2 land areas and 1,028,000m2 water areas. At present SHGSIC has more than 2,700 employees including 1,000 senior technical workers, professional administrators and engineering technicians, and about 1500 technical workers. Moreover, we have about 12,000 subcontract’s technical workers.
SHGSIC has advanced ship repair, shipbuilding facilities and abundant technical strength. The main business of SHGSIC is shipreair, shipbuilding, ship conversion, scrap, off-shore engineering construction, maintenance, harbor machine, steel fabrication, shipping spare parts providing, heat-dip galvanization, project construction, wharf loading/unloading and storage business. The shiprepair annual capacity of SHGSIC is about 200 vessels and the shipbuilding ability is about 1,400,000DWT. SHGSIC has built up and kept close relationship with major shipping companies from more than 30 countries and areas with good reputation. Such as: Korea, Greece, India, Denmark, USA, Hong Kong etc.


We would like to tell you more about Watson, Farley & Williams. In this section find out about: where we came from, where we are going and the milestones in our development; what makes us distinctive; our commitment to excellence in client service; what we believe and value; our role as corporate citizens; and what others think of us. You can also download our Annual Reviews.  
Use the boxes above to navigate through information on our history, culture, reputation and CSR activities as well as finding our annual review and details of our policies - the way in which we conduct our business. 

Framo Engineering is one of the world’s leading companies within the multiphase flow and swivel technology area. Product and services include development and manufacturing of: multiphase booster pump systems for subsea and topside applications, multiphase and wet gas flow meters for subsea and topside applications, swivel systems for floating production vessels, subsea separation and water injection systems. These systems secure cost-effective means to the challenges in marginal satellite fields, long-distance tie-backs and deepwater developments, and represent key enabling technologies for Increased Oil Recovery Systems. We also provide systems for transfer and offloading of oil and LNG. Our focus is to work closely with the operators to assist in their needs. Our market position is therefore a result of this support, commitment and clear strategy. Framo Engineering has offices in Bergen, Houston, Aberdeen, Rio and Kuala Lumpur and will expand further due to the expected growth of field developments in deeper waters and more remote locations.
Company website URL: www.framoeng.no


DLB “NORCE ENDEAVOUR” Where oceans and technology meet
The derrick lay barge DLB NORCE ENDEAVOUR, ranked amongst the most advanced “clean design” marine construction vessels in the world, was delivered for operations in 2011. Following Solstad’s Green initiative the vessel incorporates the highest standards of SOLAS and MARPOL to integrate its modern technology with environmental sustainability. Power on demand combined with onboard solid and liquid waste management facilities ensure the DLB NorCE Endeavour can operate with an invisible environmental footprint.
NorCE OFFSHORE is an established offshore engineering and construction companywith access to a large and modern fleet of vessels supporting the offshore oil and gas industry.
NorCE is experience in project management, engineering, equipment utilization and has anestablished network of subcontractors to provide a single focal point to meet clients’requirements for subsea intervention and offshore construction and installation.

NorCE Offshore Pte Ltd (a wholly owned Solstad company)
29 International Business Park, #05-06 Acer Building Tower B, SINGAPORE
Tel: +65 6319 8787 e-mail: info@norceoffshore.com





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