• Smart Grid Standardization, Government Policy and Landscape
  • Maximizing ROI and the Profit Model of Smart Grid in China
  • Smart Distribution and Smart Interconnection of Renewables
  • Ultra High Voltage Transmission and Energy Storage
  • Demand-side management (billing, metering & CRM) and ICT issues
  • Smart Grid Management and Deployment Case Study
  • Smart Building and Smart Home

Part of Eminent Speakers in Smart Grid 2010:

Jingli SHI
Energy Research Institute National Development
& Reform Committee
Xuehao HU
Deputy Chief Engineer
SmartGridResearch Center,
China Electric Power
Research Institute
Xubo GE
Chief Engineer
State Grid Energy
Research Institute
Zhaoguang HU
Vice Principal,
State Grid Energy
Research Institute
Ron Ambrosio
GridWise® Architecture
S. Lynn Sutcliffe
Finance Chair
GridWise® Alliance
Yujiu XING
Executive Vice Chairman
John Moura
Technical Analyst
Reliability Assessments
& Performance
Martin Hauske
Energy & Utilities Industry
IBM Asia Pacific
Dr Fabian Hess
Business Development
Director for Smart Grid
ABB (China) Limited
Jianming LIU
General Manager
State Grid
nformation & Telecommunication Co., Ltd.
Lorenzo Colovini
Sales & Market
Development Manager -
Asia Pacific, ENEL
Distribuzione S.p.A.
Rudy Mazza
Marketing Director
Hengkun YANG
President and General
Manager, Dongfang
Electronics Corporation
Yongning CHI
Deputy Chief Engineer
Wind Power Integration
Research & Evaluation
Center, China Electric
PowerResearch Institute
Chun HE
Chief Engineer
Ketop Lab
Dean Prochaska
National Coordinator for
Smart Grid Conformance
NIST,U.S. Department of
David M. Sweet
Executive Director
World Alliance for
Decentralized Energy
Xiaoping HAN
Chief Information Officer
Yang Xiaosheng
Chief Engineer, China
Longyuan Power Group;
Secretary of Renewable
Generation Committee of
Guangyue HAI
General Manager
Power Vertical
Enterprise & Commercial
Cisco Systems (China)
  • OVERCOMING barriers to implementation
  • INCREASING energy efficiency and reliability
  • DEVELOPING your grid architecture
  • PROTECTING grid security and data
  • LEVERAGING data collected beyond billing
  • REDUCING outage frequency and duration
  • PLANING for distributed renewables
  • ANTICIPATING policy and regulatory changes
  • ENGAGING your clients
  • FACILITATING enterprise demand-side management
  • INTEGRATING smart grid and electric vehicles
  • EXPLORING your profit model in China

CSGF 2011 at a Galance:

September 14th, 2011 September 15th, 2011 September 16th, 2011
AM Pre-conference Workshop: Smart Grid Integrating Electric Vehicles Smart Grid Standardization, Government Policy and Landscape; Maximizing ROI and Smart Grid Profit Model in China Demand-side management (billing, metering & CRM) and ICT issues
PM   Smart Distribution and Smart Interconnection of Renewables Smart Grid Management and Smart Building
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  2. International and China case studies
  3. EXCLUSIVE enterprise customer panel
  4. Structured networking times
  5. Face-to-face interaction
  6. Take-away presentation materials
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SGCC Three Phases 5-year Plan of Smart Grid:

2009-2010 C Phase 1 C Planning and Pilot Projects Phase
· Set technical and management standards
· Develop technology and equipment
· Set development plans and initiate pilot projects
· Specifically, in 2010, China plans to start construction on the Two Vertical, Two Horizontal plan and reach interregional transmission capability of 12.9 GW by the end of the year.
2011-2015- Phase 2 C Comprehensive Construction Phase
· Construct UHV grid and urban-rural distribution grid
· Construct smart grid operation/control and interactive service system
· Key technological breakthroughs and their applications
· By 2015, UHV and other intra-regional transmission capacity will be 240 GW. Distribution and power provision will reach a reliability rate of 99.915% or higher in the cities and 99.73% or higher in rural areas. Smart meters will be in widespread use and EV charging stations will have been deployed in numbers that will satisfy demand
2016-2020- Phase 3 C Leadership Phase
· Complete a strong, smart grid
· Become world leaders in management, technology and equipment
· By 2020, UHV and other intra-regional transmission capacity will reach 400 GW, enough to connect all planned coal, hydro, nuclear and wind power to areas with high demand