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In China, strong smart grid is primarily a strong grid, whose extra-high voltage technology has core characteristics including long distance, high capacity and low loss efficiency. Furthermore, the end-users and distribution networks in China are not as mature as most developed countries, and the penetration rate of small-scale renewables are relatively low at the moment. In fact, growth of renewable energy in the country is primarily driven by large-scale projects that do not directly connected to end-users. Given these conditions, it is expected that initial stages of the Chinese smart grid plan will focus on the ability of controlling bulk electricity transfer efficiently, and then moves towards end-users and services integration in the next stages when the users are becoming more ready.

At the same time, the second stage of China’s Smart Grid plan, from 2011 to 2015, not only focus on accelerating UHV, urban and rural grids construction, but also establishing the basic framework for smart grid operation control and interaction, achieving the projected advancements in technology and equipment production, mass deployment.

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With this mind, the CDMC Smart Grid Series Forum, as a professional and unparallel communication platform, concentrates on supporting an intelligent network and a global vision to our high-level worldwide industrial partners for three year. The 3rd Annual Smart Grid Forum China Focus 2011 will bring industry thought leaders and a focused group of audience together to discuss the policy & the regulatory landscape, smart grid standardization, customer-side issues (billing, metering & CRM), ICT, smart distribution and smart integration of renewables.

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    Pre-conference Workshop:
    Smart Grid Integrating Electric Vehicles

    Smart Grid Standardization, Government Policy and andscape; Maximizing ROI and the Profit Model of Smart Grid in China

    Demand-side management
    (billing, metering & CRM) and ICT issues

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    Smart Distribution and Smart Interconnection of Renewables

    Smart Grid Management and
    Deployment Case Study.

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SmartGridResearch Center,
China Electric Power
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Wind Power Integration
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