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Program Overview

DAY ONE (April 21st)
0800 Registration
0845 Chairman's Remarks
Landscape of Unconventional Hydrocarbons in China
09.00 Towards a Low Carbon Economy in China - Chinese CBM industry Development and the Outlook of Chinese Energy Structure in the Future.
09.30 Unconventional Hydrocarbons – the Emerging Energy Development during the Upcoming Post-Petroleum Era
10.00 Coal Bed Methane industry: the Most Attractive Unconventional Hydrocarbon in China
10.30 Morning Refreshment & Networking
11.00 CBM/CMM Acts as the Most Realistic Option to Supply the Conventional Energy Demand in China - the Shortage of Market Supplies of Natural Gas and the Development of the CBM industry.
11.30 The Challenges in Developing CBM industry in China
12.00 The Pioneer of the CBM industry in China – the Blue Print of the CBM Projects of CUCBM
Global CBM/CMM Market Landscape
14.00 Petrochina's Strategy in Commercializing CBM Resources
14.30 Operational Updating of CBM/CMM industry in Shanxi Province
15.00 The View of the Foreign investor: the Risk and the Countermeasures For Dealing With in Entering the New Area and Establishing the CBM Business.
15.30 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking
16.00 The CBM Commercialization Model in China – the View from Foreign investors
16.30 Optimizing the Storage and Transportation of CBM in China – Chinese City Gas Development and CBM Distribution.
17.00 The Voice From the City Gas Operators – Making More Profits From the Distribution of CBM
17.30 Improving the Utilization Efficiency in CBM/CMM Power Generation
18.00 Panel Discussion
CBM Commercialization and the Global Business Strategy of Multinational CBM Company Developing the CBM industry in China – the Hurdles and the Opportunities

Day Two (April 22nd)
08.45 Chairman's Remarks
CBM/CMM Exploration and Production in China
09.00 Scientific Estimating the Coal Bed Methane Reservoir in China
09.30 CMM Extraction and Preventing Coal mine Accidents
10.00 The Application of the Geophysical Probing Technique to the Unconventional Hydrocarbon Exploration in China.
10.30 Morning Refreshment & Networking
11.00 CBM Ground Drilling and Extraction Technology
11.30 CBM Well Stimulation Technology: CO2 and N2 Injection, Hydraulic Fractured Technology and Horizontal Pinnate Well
12.00 Panel Discussion
In Search of the Optimalzing Methods of integrating the CBM/CMM Exploration and Production in China.
The Quest for New Unconventional Hydrocarbon in China
14.00 China Shale Gas Development Foresight: Development Status, Trends and Relevant Policies in China
14.30 Exploiting the Future of Chinese Unconventional Energy Strategy - the Shale Gas Exploration in China
15.00 The Prediction and Analysis Methods of Production of Shale Gas Reservoirs
15.30 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking
16.00 The Integration of Fracturing and Microseismic Technology in Shale Gas Exploration and Production
16.30 The Well Stimulation and Well Completion Technology in Shale Gas Exploration and Production
17.00 The Experiences of Optimizing Shale Gas Industry Growth in North American
17.30 Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Developing Shale Gas industry in China and the Updates of the Latest Projects in Sichuan Basin.
18.00 The Landscape of Natural Gas Hydrates in China - in Concordance With Exploration, Resources and Environment

Day Three (April 23nd)
Site Tour-The Large Scale Digital CBM Demonstration Project Overview
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