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  Why the Event

As the undock of the home-made deepwater semi-submersible drilling platform, which owned by China National Offshore Oil Corporation - the largest offshore oil and gas producer in China, the performance of Deepwater Oil and Gas Exploration and Production in China will be pushed to a new height. And it also signal that China officially enter the deepwater oil and gas exploration and production field.

Meanwhile, On 6 June 2009, the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) of the People's Republic of China (PRC) issued a Planning Release entitled Restructuring and Revitalization of Planning for the Ship-building Industry. This planning has identified the major missions of the ship-building industry, and one of the most important missions is developing the marine engineering equipments. Therefore, with the support from the government, the marine engineering equipments manufacturing industry in China is no doubt to be very hot. At the same time, South China Sea, which is hailed as "Second Persian Gulf", has proven oil reserves estimated at about 7.5 billion barrels. With the technique improvement and investment increasing, China's offshore oil development industry with an average annual growth rate of 32.3% has rapidly grown to the pillar industry in China. On 7th May 2010, CNOOC has announced first batch of 13 Blocks covering an area of 41,713 km2 of South China Sea, which are available for cooperation between CNOOC and foreign companies. From this point of view, by the increase of Chinese deepwater industry, the Asia Pacific offshore oil and gas market will be driven in a large extent.

Referring to the global offshore oil and gas market, recently, the CNOOC, Chinas state-owned energy company, on 14th March, 2010 announced that it would take a 50 per cent stake in Argentinas Bridas in a $3.1bn deal. The deal represents CNOOCs first step into the Latin American market, and it also would be an important step of CNOOC to go global. This is an example, which is able to clearly identify that the stable world oil price and slack market of natural gas has no doubt support an excellent opportunity for the outbound M&A activities of IOCs and NOCs, so as to grasp the global offshore oil and gas resources. But due to the economic crisis, the Trade protectionism is gaining ground in various degrees. The international integration and cooperation is facing more and more difficulties. Therefore, how to make the win-win and all wins cooperation from this complex global economic environment must be a topic of concern to most enterprises on the offshore.

With this mind, after the previous twice Deepwater Asia-Pacific conferences, The 3rd Annual Deepwater Asia Pacific 2010 Convention has generated a timely and strategic three-day conference and three-day exhibition to all of our participants for creating intellectual fizz and closing business relationship. From this convention, we will analyze the latest deepwater improvement policies in China, update the ravishing projects in the important blocks, unscramble the next wave of market trend coming up, open up the new frontier of technology innovation and support the whole value chain exchange opportunities to all of our participants.

Seizing this chance, Showing on this Stage, Opening the New Sight of Deepwater! The 3rd Annual Deepwater Asia Pacific 2010 Convention will show you the unprecedented scale of deepwater industry gathering in Asia Pacific and expand your market prospects throughout the world!
Deepwater Asia Pacific Convention Audience:
The Audience of DAP Obtain Recognition Necessary for their growth and visibility to thousands of Offshore Players and also will Tap into New frontiers and Emerging Regions.

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