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Program Overview

DAY 1 Tuesday, 9 November
08.30 Welcome Address from the Organizer
08.45 Chairperson*s Opening Remarks
Shaping the Future of Deepwater Development
09.00 Keynote Address: The Exploitation of Offshore Oil and Gas Resources in China
09.30 The Offshore Oil & Gas E & P Technology and Equipment Development Status and Prospect
10:00 Keynote Address: The "Second Persian Gulf" 每 The Exploitation Status and Production Potential of South China Sea
10:30 Morning Coffee Break
11:00 The Environmental and Sustainable Development: Reasonable Exploiting Offshore Oil and Gas Resources
11:30 Where is the Bright Future of Deepwater in Asia Pacific - The Silver Lining of the Cloud during the Imminent End of the Worldwide Economic Crisis.
12:00 Panel Discussion: The Status and the Trend of the Deepwater Oil and Gas Industry in China - Marine Equipment Manufacturing Versus Subsea Technology Innovation
12:30 Luncheon
14:00 Maximizing the Oil and Gas E&P in South China Sea, Developing the Deepwater Drilling Platform
14:30 The Advanced Technology and Scientific Project Management for Developing Offshore Oil and Gas Resources Safety

Raising the Bar for Safety Management (TBI)
Andrew Nicoll Calderwood, Senior Project Manager, Modspec

15:30 The Strategy of ※Going Global§ - Facing Global Deepwater Oil and Gas Resources, Illustrate the Actions of NOCs

Afternoon Coffee Break

16:30 Improving the Design and Manufacturing Capability of Navel Architecture, Grasping the Opportunity of Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Development

Hot Issues Forum: Look into the Future - A Soup每to-Nuts Discussion of Chinese Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

DAY 2 Wednesday, 10 November
Deepwater Drilling, Engineering and Production Technology and Equipments
09:00 Keynote Address: Seizing Opportunities to Integrate the Whole Industrial Chain of Offshore Engineering Equipments Industry
09:30 The Growing Trend of the Offshore Drilling Platform 每 Moving to Deepwater
10:00 Morning Coffee Break
10:30 Optimizing the Application of the Drilling Platform for Improving the Output Capacity of Deepwater Oil and Gas E&P
11:00 Riser System 每 Optimizing the &Key Link* Between the Mud Line and the Surface
11:30 Using MARS (Multiple Application Re-injection System) technology for improving oil recovery and reducing production risk
12:00 The Personal Safety Issues in Offshore Engineering and Case Study
Subsea Technology Collection

The Keynote Address: Asset Integrity Management Solutions for Offshore Pipelines and Risers

14:30 The Development of ROV Technology to Ensure the Continuity of Deepwater Oil & Gas E&P: Monitoring and Maintenance of Deepwater E&P Facilities
15:00 Subsea Tree System Development 每 considering the HP/HT Subsea Environment
15:30 Afternoon Coffee Break
16:00 Innovating with Integrity
16:30 Flow Assurance: Facing the Challenges from Deepwater
17:00 Panel Discussion: the Innovation of Deepwater E&P Facilities and Techniques.

DAY 3 Thursday, 11 November
Focus on the Spotlight of Marine Equipments Manufacturing Industry
09:00 The Global Strategy and International Cooperation in China Offshore Engineering
09:30 Offshore Engineering Market in a Global Context
10:00 Keynote FPSO Market Outlook: The Current FPSO Status Update and Further Contracts in Asia Pacific
10:30 Morning Coffee Break
11:00 Electric driven deepwell pumps 每 an environment-friendly and safe solution for the offshore industry 

Further Innovation Trend of the Deepwater Semi-submersible Drilling Ship - From a Technical and Design Perspective

12:00 Successful Extending FPSO Lifecycle and Maximizing Project Success 每 the Integrity Management Issues
13:00 Luncheon
14:00 The Construction and Installation of FPSOs 每 Integrating Scientific Project Management to Real Project Execution and Operation
Mapping Asia-Pacific Offshore Support Vessel Markets
14:30 Go Deeper? Design Requirements and Vessel Features for Harsh Environmental Conditions
15:00 Afternoon Coffee Break
15:30 Critically Analyzing the Offshore Support Vessel Market Conditions in Asia-Pacific

Deepwater Pipe Laying Technology and Barge Innovation

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